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wherewomenwork is a 'large employer-direct' jobsite. This means you're in total control of getting your CV directly into the right company to the right person. You research and compare companies, then apply direct. No agencies. No small or unknown companies. No sending your CV off into the abyss. Just total control !

Jobsites make their money from having as many jobs as possible. You'll often see the same job over and over again with different agencies. That's how they make their money. wherewomenwork doesn't have a pay-per-job model and we don't allow agency jobs. This way we guarantee not to waste your time.

Everyone is 'high-performing' if they get themself into the right job in the right company. And 'high-performing' means more money, less stress, more career satisfaction ... and a better life ! But how can you get yourself into the right company if you don't even know the company you're applying for? wherewomenwork is a one-stop shop for identifying the right company and applying direct.

Gone are the days when you're lucky to have a job. Today the choice is yours. You're fantastic so which company deserves you. Work and life go hand in hand - so get it right !