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At E.ON, we provide energy to millions of customers across the UK and beyond, and we never underestimate how important it is for us to be able to relate to and empathise with those customers.

Not only that, but the energy industry is facing some tough challenges, and it's only by tapping into different ideas and perspectives that we'll be able to overcome those challenges. It's because diversity is one of our biggest strengths that we're committed to creating a supportive, inclusive culture in which people from all walks of life can achieve - and exceed - their potential.

As part of that, we want to make this a business where all women thrive. We recruit and promote people based on talent alone, so if you're driven and ambitious, we'll make sure there are never any obstacles standing in the way of your progression.

Not only that, but we support flexible working, we offer a very generous maternity package (along with a host of family friendly benefits) and we even have a dedicated Board level Gender Diversity Champion. Most importantly of all, we have zero tolerance for any kind of bullying, harassment or discrimination. It's having an effect.

Right now, over 40% of our people are female and, over the last couple of years, the number of women we've hired has risen by 13%. We've also received a number of recognition awards and accolades, including an ENEI Inclusion award, the 'Best Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy' award at the prestigious FIRM Awards 2013, and a CandE for positive recruiting practices.

"I have had plenty of opportunities to develop my skills and move into new roles. Over my career at E.ON, I've worked in three different business units. The benefits are great and the culture is supportive," says Mel, a Knowledge Management Analyst.

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