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All women are top performers if they get themselves into the right job in the right company. We want to help you with that!

To help you understand where you are most likely to be a top performer, take our indepth online profile. You'll be truly amazed at how accurate and insightful your analysis is. You will find out the DNA of your true qualities. Which company is looking exactly for you?

What is the profile and how was it developed?
The profile is a personality assessment instrument, scientifically developed for measuring an individual's characteristics, potential and motivation as well as their ability to perform a range of workplace skills, tasks and processes. The profile, validated by more than four decades of research by our partners Caliper, measures over twenty-five personality traits that we analyse in a variety of combinations to evaluate how you are likely to perform in specific roles. The profile helps you base your career decisions on solid, objective information and in-depth insights. It helps you understand and focus on achieving your full potential.

How long does the profile take to complete?
The profile on average takes about ninety minutes to complete. You should take the online profile at a time when you will not be disturbed and can give it your full attention without distraction.

What do I receive after I've taken the profile?
After completing the profile, your results are confidentialy analysed in detail. You then receive a 30 minute telephone consultation from our fully trained and accredited consultant, Haley, at a pre-scheduled time convenient for yourself. The telephone consultation is both informative and questioning and is followed by a personalised written report that reflects the feedback given and the career goals discussed.

What are the benefits of the verbal consultation?
Because the conversation begins with our gaining a thorough understanding of your goals, career approach, experience, distinct management style, preferred corporate culture and requirements of your current positions, we can tell you the type of work environment you best thrive and perform in. We can also give guidance for developing your strengths, creating more effective skill proficiency.

Can someone "beat" or fake the profile?
The profile works because it was developed specifically by our partners Caliper for career development purposes and because of its "forced-choice" format. The length and complex construction of the profile forces you to continually make tough choices about both positive and negative attributes, making it extremely difficult to provide answers that do not reflect your true characteristics.

Why is this particular profile suitable?
This profile is one of the most accurate, valid and in-depth personality assessment instruments available. Your results are matched within an unparalleled database of information about the qualities it takes to succeed in virtually every possible position. Our focus is on "job matching" and "company culture" matching. Through the profile we learn how you are "wired" and can compare you with the requirements for certain roles and companies to determine if there is a natural fit. Our premise is that when you are in a role that plays to your strengths, rather than going against your nature, you are much more likely to succeed.

What can you learn about yourself?
Our trained consultant Haley can tell you how your natural traits play out in various roles. For example, we'll know if you are persuasive, have strong interpersonal skills and can handle rejection well. You'll discover if you are a good problem solver, how well you work under pressure, how much initiative and responsibility you are comfortable taking on, how well you follow through and deliver on commitments. Once you have taken the profile you will know your strengths and potential as well as understand the source of any performance issues you may have. The insights you gain can be used throughout your whole career.

Is there a cost?
The profile, telephone consultation, written report and follow up contact cost £249 + VAT which can be paid online via our secure PayPal payment gateway.

How do I get started?
For any questions please call Haley on +44 (0)845 260 7777 or to start the process, please submit the contact form and we will be in touch. You will then receive an email requesting payment through online card payment, following which you will receive an automated email confirming payment. You will then receive an email from us acknowledging your request to take the online profile along with full login details and support information. You can take the profile at a time convenient to yourself. Once you have completed the profile, you will receive an email from Haley inviting you to suggest a time for your 30 minute telephone consultation. Your time will be confirmed via a further email which will contain some key questions about your career goals, challenges and experience that you need to respond to prior to your consultation. Following the telephone consultation you will be emailed your full written report. You will receive a courtesy call one month post your consultation to check on how you are progressing with your career development goals.