Rio Tinto supported women in mining industry summit and encouraged more women to consider a career in the resources sector

Rio Tinto speak at Women in Mining Summit

Rio Tinto speak at Women in Mining Summit

Rio Tinto's Brendon Brodie-Hall, Manager Rail Logistics & Optimisation and Teesta Isserl, Reliability Engineer, presented to over 1000 attendees at the 10th Annual Women in Mining Western Australia (WIMWA) Summit.

Brendon leads a team which plans, schedules and controls the Rio Tinto railway network in the Pilbara, whilst Teesta works with Rio Tinto in Asset Management where my work primarily involves using Engineering, Analytics & Data Science for Defect Elimination, Business Improvement and Reliability.

Women in Mining

Women in Mining and Resources, Western Australia (WIMWA) provides networking opportunities and an innovative mentoring program to women working in the mining and resources sector in Western Australia.

WIMWA aims to encourage women to increase their presence in the industry, provide a strong network for women, and for the industry to be proactive in attracting and retaining women in the resources sector. The group provides a forum for women and men to talk about their lives, share their experiences, and extend their professional networks. From an informal beginning WIMWA has grown to have a mailing list with over 3000 people from all over the mining and resource sector, an annual summit which attracts over 800 attendees, monthly networking events in Perth, along with networking events in the regions and a bi-annual innovative mentoring program.

Creating a community 

WIMWA summits aim to address topics that are important to women and men in the mining industry and to challenge stereotypes of women in mining.

These gatherings connect attendees, inspire action, and advance WIMWA's vision of proactively retaining people in the industry. These and other WIMWA events, together with attendees’, commitment to use these occasions to learn from one another, demonstrate the power of networking and the community that WIMWA have created.

WIMWA celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Summit which began as a one-day-seminar and has grown to be a world-class event.

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