Caterpillar CEO James Umpleby will ensure that the company fosters a diverse, inclusive and safe work environment as part of the Business Roundtable initiative

Caterpillar CEO strives for diverse and inclusive workforce

Caterpillar CEO strives for diverse and inclusive workforce

Caterpillar CEO Jim Umpleby is part of the Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies whose policies include advancing diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Business Rountable CEOs believe that everyone is responsible for making the world a better place than we found it. By advancing diversity and inclusion, Business Roundtable members are acting on their responsibility as leaders.

"With Our Values as our foundation, we foster a diverse, inclusive and safe work environment. Caterpillar knows inclusion drives business results, and with a diverse team, we are better positioned to help our customers succeed," said Jim. 

Leading from the Top

Caterpillar values diversity of thought, talent, background and ability at all levels of its company. This begins at the top with the composition of its Board and Executive Office. In 2017, Caterpillar created its first Chief Human Resources Officer role and elevated this position to the Executive Office team because Caterpillar knows talent and diversity are critical to the success of its enterprise strategy.

Everyone benefits fom a gender-balanced workforce

Inclusion drives business results, and Caterpillar knows that when it focuses on having the best talent -  including a more gender-balanced workforce - everyone benefits. The more diverse their team, the better positioned Caterpillar are to meet the needs of its customers. Caterpillar's Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative is an intentional, focused step on a continuous journey toward a more diverse and inclusive team, helping Caterpillar achieve its aspirational goals of 29 percent female employees and 25 percent female leaders by 2022.

Through partnerships with the Society of Women Engineers and investments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), Caterpillar is developing their female talent and building the next generation of female leaders. Caterpillar sponsors several leadership development courses to promote the goal of creating a more gender-inclusive culture, including courses designed specifically for male leaders. Breakthrough Leadership - Men as Allies is the first Caterpillar program of its kind to talk specifically about actions and behaviors that disadvantage and disengage a minority population of its workforce. By focusing on developing inclusive leadership strategies and sharpening awareness of one’s individual leadership journey, Caterpillar's organizational culture and gender biases, participants become more fully empowered inclusive leaders, creating more success for both men and women.

Driving greater diversity

The first step in building the best team is creating a culture of inclusion - where Caterpillar can engage diverse talent. Caterpillar understands that its success depends on its ability to be inclusive of all thoughts and ideas, and its ability to collaborate and execute without boundaries. The best team includes people of all backgrounds, perspectives and demographics. Caterpillar's Building Diversity initiative identifies opportunities to attract, develop and retain diverse populations within Caterpillar, beginning with U.S. ethnic diversity and eventually expanding to other demographics around the world. As the initiative is in its early stages, a key component to its success is strengthening Caterpillar’s partnerships with affinity organizations including the National Society of Black Engineers, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Black Accountants and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs. Together, Caterpillar's goal is to provide more professional development, increase internship opportunities and expand recruiting efforts to more intentionally grow the pipeline of diverse talent.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide outstanding suport

To ensure Caterpillar's commitment to diversity and inclusion spreads throughout our company, Caterpillar established ERGs, which connect dedicated employees who share similar life experiences or interests. These groups provide opportunities for personal and professional development and help drive innovation, too. Currently, Caterpillar has 14 ERGs with chapters in 126 Caterpillar locations in more than 20 countries across the globe and more than 8,000 members. That means almost 10 per cent of Caterpillar employees belong to an ERG.

Not only do our ERGs model Caterpillar's values and a true diversity and inclusion culture, they also positively affect Caterpillar. They create leadership and development training. They provide translation services for Caterpillar and their customers, and provide the comforts of a familiar environment to their colleagues that transfer to a new country. They also help Caterpillar address crucial issues such as immigration, veteran support services and disability awareness. Diversity and inclusion is more than just what Caterpillar does, it reflects how it runs its business and how employees treat one another. Because ultimately, Caterpillar believes progress begins when employees with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds come together, and that’s how Caterpillar fulfills its purpose to help build a better world.

Caterpillar's pillars of success 

  • Embed diversity and inclusion as a key enabler of its  enterprise strategy and a defining attribute of a meaningful work experience.
  • Starting with executive leadership, drive accountability and ownership for diversity and inclusion through all levels of Caterpillar.
  • Commit to progress by sharing diversity metrics and communicating results both within Caterpillar and with its partners, including its suppliers and dealer network.
  • Build an enabling work environment to encourage best practice sharing.
  • Foster intentional personal and professional development to empower and grow its global team.

"Caterpillar offers products and services that help build, power and develop communities and improve living standards for people everywhere. We are proud that, through the work and dedication of our global team, our solutions help our customers build a better world. We are also proud of our team: a team that speaks more than 100 languages and represents a myriad of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We know this diverse culture and character make us stronger. We are united by Our Values in Action.This common set of Values - integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability - defines what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves with our customers, dealers, suppliers and one another," commented Jim.

"With Our Values as our foundation, we foster a diverse, inclusive and safe work environment in which employees are successful and actively encouraged to share their unique experiences, backgrounds and ideas. By celebrating these individual skills, abilities, experiences and cultural backgrounds, Caterpillar’s people can achieve superior business and personal results. Our strategy includes creating a meaningful work experience to support our people - an experience that is diverse, inclusive and represents today’s workforce and the next generation of talent."

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