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Eaton strengthens partnership with University of Cluj-Napoca

Eaton strengthens partnership with University of Cluj-Napoca

 January 03, 2019

The Eaton Sirbi facility in Romania has strengthened its partnership with the University of Cluj-Napoca by participating in a range of workshops, scientific sessions and through developing programs specifically customized for students.

Eaton Sirbi participated in an engaging workshop at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in the Baia Mare center with about 300 students in attendance.

The main topics discussed were:

  • who is Eaton globally and in Romania
  • women in engineering and in sales at Eaton
  • Eaton's inclusion and diversity values
  • employee success stories
  • career opportunities shared by employees

This collaborative activity is part of Eaton Sirbi's focus on helping to prepare students for the future workforce.

Linking students with local manufacturing

Also, for a second year, Eaton organized with the University a program called 'Eaton Powering Talents'. The program has been designed to help prepare students for careers by opening up new projects linked with local manufacturing groups and enabling students to order to learn more about potential career opportunities at Eaton and to experience real project assignments, as well as being part of a team and increasing networking.

25 students were enrolled in the program - 5 females and 20 males, all from electrical, mechanical and resources engineering backgrounds.

The project called "Biz Workshop" was dedicated to career coaching activities for students. Eaton involved specialists from different departments to support this important event. Eaton colleagues explained to the students how important passion is in one's work, how employees can find their own career path, and how important networking is in one's career.

A “Freshman week” followed and 10 companies from the local area joined the event. 

More than 1,000 students from different fields subsequently made contact Eaton for the first time in an academic environment.

Great support for students from Eaton

Eaton Sirbi Romani.

Students were re-assured that Eaton is keen to support them throughout their studies of different programs and will try to maintain open dialogue answering their questions and to support them in their next steps.

Lifelong learning is an important concept within Eaton's culture and everyone is encouraged to drive their potential while at university.

More than 100 employees at Eaton Sirbi have successfully earned a bachelor degree in the last 10 years, and more than 20 employees have received a masters degree.

Gaining important work experience while still studying

It is key that students understand that at Eaton, employees can continue their studies while gaining work experience at the same time.

Recently Eaton also participated in a coaching workshop that encouraged access to undertaking university studies and gaining employment.

Eaton seeks to differentiate itself from the competition and create an open environment for young generations, and, to cover the educational gap, Eaton will leverage established relationships with universities in Romania's Baia Mare region and continue its collaborations and synergies for supporting the development of students.

Worldwide careers on offer at Eaton

Eaton offers a wide range of exciting career pathways for students and provides a supportive and collaborative work environment.

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