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Susan Podlogar is MetLifes Executive VP and Chief HR Officer

Susan Podlogar is MetLife's Executive VP and Chief HR Officer

Susan Podlogar is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at MetLife. Susan oversees its global Human Resources strategies and practices with the goal of attracting, developing and retaining a workforce that creates value for MetLife customers and shareholders every day. In an interview with HR People + Strategy, Susan shares why she loves working at MetLife, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce and some valuable advice for other women wanting to pursue a career in HR.

Opportunities to learn and grow

In the interview, Susan explains why MetLife is such a great company to work for. She loves the many opportunities available at MetLife to expand her knowledge of HR and the fact that MetLife's workplace culture aligns with her own values.

"Working for MetLife is a privilege, as it has given me an opportunity to learn more about changing needs on an array of topics from personal and financial health to financial protection to preparing for the future. It is staggering the gaps we face globally in protecting our most important valuables: ourselves, our families, our property, and our financial futures," comments Susan.

"I am fortunate to have an easy cultural alignment with MetLife. Our focus on caring, relationships, intellectual rigor, long-term thinking, and integrity resonated with me. I inherited an HR organization with a great foundation."

The importance of an inclusive workforce

Susan also discusses with HR People + Strategy the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce to create a positive workplace culture like MetLife's.

"At MetLife, we want all employees to help shape the workforce of the future. It is not a top-down solution, but one that needs the diversity of all employees. HR needs to lead the way in helping our employees prepare for the future," explains Susan. 

"Problems today are not solved by top-down answers. Clarity and direction comes from strategy but you also need the right culture. For MetLife, that involves breaking down hierarchy, encouraging authenticity and candor, and bringing out the best in every employee."

Sharing valuable advice 

Finally, for women who want to pursue a career in HR with MetLife, Susan shares some valuable advice gained from her exciting and rich career in the industry. 

"Be relentless about continual learning. Understand what creates value for your organization now, and in the future. Understand what trends are emerging in the workforce as well as the impact of economics, corporate social responsibility, and technology on the nature of work. Then, assess how HR should best prepare for the future success of organizational outcomes given the context in which you are operating," says Susan.

"This requires deep domain expertise in areas such as talent, culture, networks, analytics, diversity, human behavior, and employee experience. The marrying of this expertise with an understanding of organizational purpose, strategy, and outcomes will accelerate impact."

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