Women returners and the wider professional community can benefit from Vodafone’s impressive ReConnect resources

A chance to ‘ReConnect’ with prime employer Vodafone

A chance to ‘ReConnect’ with prime employer Vodafone

Some years ago, Vodafone launched the world’s largest recruitment initiative via “ReConnect” - support for women on career breaks.

ReConnect represents a significant milestone in Vodafone’s journey towards becoming the best employer for women by 2025. Across Vodafone’s 26 markets, 1,000 women have gained management and frontline positions as they embark on their transition back into the workforce.

Vodafone believes in diversity, development and empowerment and so they created web-based personal development trainings, in partnership with the ECC - and have opened up their ReConnect E-Learning Modules to everyone, publicly. The modules can be taken in 10-15 minutes and are available via LinkedIn.


Great learning and development modules

Access Vodafone's personal development training modules and gain great insight into the topics below:

  • Strengths and Confidence -  strengths theory and what it could mean for you, exploring and engaging your own personal strengths, techniques to build on your confidence, understanding the neuroscience of performance.
  • Career Resilience for Returners - what career resilience is and why we need it, the psychological journey back to work, what makes people resilient, practical tools and exercises to keep you job, career and personally resilient, building the support around you.
  • Creating Career/Life Balance - what is career/life balance and why is it so important?, finding the right balance for you, creating your own balance by: managing your time, managing yourself, managing your career.
  • Networking and Personal Brand for ReConnects - how networking and building my personal brand can help returners, tips and techniques, building your network strategically, different ways to network, proactively managing your brand, action planning.

How ReConnect has helped women workers

Is ReConnect working in practice? The answer is a resounding "yes". One female Vodafone employee says: “On my career break I took care of my first child and I also had my second baby. I was always trying to explain and re-explain myself and justify my decision. But with Vodafone it was such a smooth and positive situation that I experienced. I feel really happy. It’s the first time in my life that I can be a good professional, and a good mother and wife, at the same time.”

Further your career with Vodafone

There are many exciting opportunities at Vodafone for women returners and anyone else looking to develop a challenging and rewarding career.

Search and apply for positions today.

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