MetLife's theme for International Women's Day highlights the company's innovative strategies to create a diverse and inclusive workplace

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MetLife innovates for change for International Womens Day

MetLife innovates for change for International Women's Day

MetLife's theme for International Women's Day was 'Transform the Future. Innovate for Change' which highlights its commitment to continue creating innovative solutions that foster collaboration, build inclusion, and engage its customers in the communities that MetLife serves around the world.

MetLife is transforming and embracing new opportunities that build on its expertise in asset management, employee benefits and financial protection. The company is also investing in innovation, partnering with startups, digitizing its business and equipping the organization to compete in a changing world.

MetLife is a proud member of UN Women's Global Innovation Coalition for Change

MetLife has become the first insurer to join UN Women's Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC), a coalition to advance diversity and inclusion - read more here.

MetLife values innovation and is committed to creating opportunities for everyone, strengthening partnerships that enables MetLife to drive greater impact for women around the world - and one of these partnerships is with the GICC.

As part of its strategic plan, UN Women created the GICC, a dynamic partnership between UN Women and the private sector, academia and nonprofit institutions who collaborate to identify and remove the barriers to women's advancement in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Specifically, the GICC focuses on:

  • building market awareness of the potential for innovations developed by women that meet the needs of women and girls
  • identifying key barriers to women and girl's advancement in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship
  • working collaboratively to identify and take actions to address barriers and needs at an industry-wide level

GICC's work includes: Gender Innovation Principles and She Innovates Global Program.

Spotlight: MetLife's Innovation Center

MetLife is committed to rewriting the role of insurance in people's lives. Led by GICC representative Zia Zaman, LumenLab is MetLife Asia's innovation center. LumenLab's disruptive innovation is charging ahead to create new businesses in health, wealth and retirement. Through its focus on building new products and services grounded in data and technology, it aims to help people achieve richer and more fulfilling lives.

Vitana, LumenLab's automated insurance solution, leverages blockchain technology to offer gestational diabetes protection for expectant women.

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