MetLife understands the need for comprehensive financial wellness programs to reduce employee stress and increase satisfaction, productivity and loyalty

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MetLife helps employees manage financial stress through programs

MetLife helps employees manage financial stress through programs

MetLife has found out that most employees report they are confident about personal finances but the topic remains their number one source of stress. As a supportive employer, MetLife has many initiatives and programs in place in order to help.

The benefit of financial wellness programs

Despite employers offering a range of medical, voluntary, and retirement-related benefits, financial stress remains an issue for workers worldwide. MetLife recognizes that employees need holistic support to connect the dots between these benefit offerings, so they understand how to use them to improve their financial wellness. Financial wellness programs are designed specifically to meet this emerging need.

MetLife understands that by taking a holistic approach, these programs can not only maximize the impact of employers’ investments in their benefits programs, but also help employees meet their short and long-term financial goals.

Financial wellness programs are not only in high demand, but, when delivered effectively, they can bring about employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.

MetLife is committed to supporting financial wellness in the workplace. In its annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trend Study, MetLife has uncovered insights that can help employers understand the positive impact financial wellness programs can have and how they can develop best-in-class programs to meet their employees’ needs.

MetLife's cutting-edge financial support 

One of MetLife's cutting-edge financial wellness programs comes from a partnership with Ernst & Young LLP (EY). PlanSmart® Financial Wellness focuses on behavioral change, giving employees the tools, guidance and support they need to improve their financial wellbeing.

“Employees are stressed about their finance - MetLife research has found just over a third (38%) feel in control of their finances, compared to 44% in 2015 - and they are looking to their employer for help,” says James Reid, Executive Vice President, MetLife.

“The combination of MetLife’s understanding of employee needs and EY’s leading employee financial wellness services, uniquely positions us to give employers the robust program they need to help empower employees to take action.”

MetLife financial wellness

Meeting individual and diverse needs

MetLife says it has a wide range of options to consider when choosing what financial wellness programs are best suited for a diverse workforce. For MetLife, what may be right for one organization may not be right for another, so it’s important to take a holistic and employee-centric approach when looking at potential solutions.

"Because today’s workforce is diverse and multi-generational, often with unique career paths, employers need to offer and communicate solutions in a way that meet employees’ individual needs and support their whole selves," states MetLife.

"It’s not only an opportunity, but a business imperative that employers take action to reduce employees’ financial stress. Employers can differentiate themselves through a financial wellness program that supports employees in their financial decisions to encourage a more engaged, satisfied, and loyal workforce — one that thrives in both work and life," it adds.

"Ultimately, financial wellness programs help all employees — no matter their confidence level, pay grade, or title — understand their current benefits and individual circumstances to take action and improve their financial wellness, now and in the future."

Work for a supportive employer like MetLife

MetLife is committed to employee happiness and wellbeing. Why not take a look at some of the current vacancies with this exciting and supportive employer? It could be the beginning of a whole new career journey.


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