Following its Employee Benefit Trends Study, MetLife shares stories of women working in the gig economy, managing their own futures

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MetLife: New work-life world sees personal/professional lives merge

MetLife: New work-life world sees personal/professional lives merge

MetLife knows that personal and professional lives are blending like never before. 

To better understand the future of work and our new work-life world, MetLife shares the stories of people who've found new ways to work.

"Because in a world with so much individuality, we all win when we better understand the drivers that keep employees engaged," says MetLife.

Read MetLife's insightful Employee Benefit Trends Study that focuses on thriving in the new work-life world.

Below, we hear the stories from two of women who've found new ways to work and their experiences of doing so.

Transitioning into the gig industry

Raji who is part of the 23% who intended on entering the gig economy. She shares what she's enjoying about gig work and what she misses from full time work.

"My name is Rajee and I'm a non-profit consultant.  I grew up volunteering a lot. I've always wanted to help people and I was spending all my free time volunteering and said this has to be  better way - why don't I go to grad school, leapfrog into senior management and have my job be my passion? So I think the reason I went into the gig economy and freelance was because I wanted more variety in the work that I was doing and the ability to have flexibility in my schedule to allow for me to travel more," she says.

"The things I missed from my full-time employer are things like the retirement plan, the 401(k) health benefits, the life insurance things that I took for granted and now I have to go try and figure that out on my own. That's been challenging but now that I work for myself I've found myself smiling a lot more so I feel like it was the right move for me. I've been loving it so far."

Financial stress can impact productivity 

MetLife women story

Priscillia is one of the 31% of people who feel less productive at work due to financial worries.  She explains what’s keeping her from retiring.

"My name is Priscillia and I'm a social worker. My vision for retirement would be to lay on the beach. I just want to dance - that would be my ideal retirement. But I can't retire for a long time because I have to work to put money back in my 401(k) to have a little money for myself," she says.

"My daughter says to me "Mom, you're always taking care of people, it's time for you to start taking care of yourself." But I can't, that's where my heart is. It's always about the clients to me, never about the money. My clients call me up and say "Priscillia, you changed my life, without you I don't know what would have happened." That's the thing that keeps me going."

Join a company that truly understands people

MetLife is committed to providing its female employees access to a range of career opportunities.

If you want to join a prime employer for women, research MetLife's job vacancies to see where your skills and experience might lead you.


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