Maribel Wilson, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Materials at Honeywell, is a #futureshaper working to make aerosols safer for the planet and leading a team of pioneering inventors

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CTO & VP Maribel Wilson is a #futureshaper at Honeywell

Maribel Wilson is a woman working hard with Honeywell to make aerosols 99.9% safer for the planet. Maribel oversees technology for Honeywell's Advanced Materials business in Morris Plains, NJ, and has been with the company since 1998, so knows firsthand what qualities someone making the future should have: “Hunger to change the world. Courage to pursue it. Humility to realize they cannot do it alone.”

Maribel, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Materials, shares her #futureshaper story.

Enjoying career experiences she never could have imagined 

Maribel studied Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and has a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University. However, she never expected to work in the role she is in now. When she was a child, Maribel wanted to be a lawyer - and she always knew she wanted to be a mother.

"[My work] isn’t anything I have envisioned but that is what has been good about Honeywell. You get called on to experience things that you might not have thought of on your own," says Maribel. 

Coming up with ideas for products that solve customer problems

Maribel leads a team of inventors who come up with ideas for new products that solve customer problems. "You might not see the products we make but we are in a lot of things you experience every day and you might not know are there," she says. 

Bringing new products to market with a team of people that are passionate about what they do makes Maribel feel excited every day - as well as "being better than the competition". 

Honeywell is evolving as an innovative company every day 

Maribel wishes that more people knew the breadth of what Honeywell offers and how the company is evolving each day.

"[Honeywell] has always been results-oriented. I believe now it is much more customer focused. Our goals are not set by what we achieved the last quarter or year but in the context of the market trends," she says. 

"We develop offerings that focus on societal and individual benefits. Whether it is for macro trends such as climate change or offerings that ensure service men and women are safe."

Looking to the future and preparing for change

Maribel says the future is important because in order to adapt or be ready for it, you must think about it. "The future is inevitable, it is how you prepare for it that makes the difference or changes it," she explains.

Having a hunger to change to world as a #futureshaper 

As a #futureshaper, Maribel says it is important to have a hunger to change the world, courage to pursue it and humility to realize you cannot do it alone.

Maribel predicts the future will change faster than we think: "We will see a few disruptive technologies that will really impact how we look at our markets today."

Get ready for an exciting journey like Maribel's at Honeywell

Maribel's advice for women looking to work with Honeywell is: "Seek and accept feedback. Work hard at whatever task you are given. Be open to things you might not have considered on your own."

If you have a curious mind and possess some of these skills, search and apply for exciting opportunities today. 


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