MetLife's Pay Equity Statement highlights the company's commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

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MetLifes Pay Equity Statement reinforces inclusive culture

MetLife's Pay Equity Statement reinforces inclusive culture

MetLife's Pay Equity Statement highlights the company's commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

The importance of pay equity for an inclusive workforce 

MetLife understands that pay equity is integral to the way the company does business. MetLife is committed to attracting, retaining, and optimizing the performance of the company's diverse workforce, to best meet the needs of MetLife customers. MetLife believes diverse teams generate more innovative idea, and employees who feel included are more productive and enjoy their work.

MetLife’s culture of respect and inclusion extends to every aspect of its business, including its compensation practices. MetLife regularly reviews employee's pay and its pay practices to ensure MetLife encourages the right behaviors and is providing equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.

Increasing representation of women in leadership roles 

MetLife also strives to increase representation of women in leadership roles to realize more diversity at its most senior levels. MetLife’s Global Women’s Initiative helps identify and attract women to MetLife worldwide, offering a wide array of career development and  skill-building  programs and resources to ensure that women thrive at all levels of the company as well as to strengthen leadership capability of women in the talent pipeline.

MetLife has robust processes for reviewing employees’ performance and pay with common timing  for employees globally.  MetLife provides manager training on making compensation  recommendations with a focus on performance as well as where each person is in the market‐aligned range relative to peers.  An employee's compensation may be lower or higher in the compensation range applicable to a particular  job based on a number of factors, including the employee’s experience and performance. 

Conducting benchmarking studies and reviews

MetLife conducts periodic external benchmarking studies of the company's compensation opportunities, as well as internal reviews, and make adjustments as appropriate MetLife also reviews its pay practices for any potential disparities, including with respect to gender and race, that are not explainable by objective factors such as performance, experience level, credentials or location. 

If such disparities are identified, MetLife is committed to correcting any issues and reviewing practices for unintended outcomes. As a result of MetLife's review and considering objective factors, MetLife made a number of modest pay adjustments for U.S. employees to bring them within range of their peers.

Creating a fair and equal hiring process 

When MetLife hires or promotes talent,  the company considers each candidate’s qualifications and experience  in connection with the market‐aligned range for the job and relative to peers  –  to ensure MetLife is both externally competitive and internally equitable. 

MetLife also updated its U.S. hiring policy to disallow asking about a candidate’s pay history in determining a starting salary, recognizing that research shows that pay equity issues may stem, at least  in part, from starting salaries at the time of hire.   

MetLife has also been training on “unconscious bias”, starting with MetLife leaders and managers and  extending to the company's internal and external recruiting partners to help ensure that decisions around hiring  and promotions are focused on abilities and qualifications. 

In MetLife's effort to constantly approve, the company also solicits employee feedback, which helps MetLife better understand employee sentiment about its workplace and compensation practices. MetLife has also introduced employee focus groups, crowd-sourcing campaigns, internal social media discussions with leaders, regional listening tours and a global employee survey to encourage employee feedback.  

Receiving ongoing and impressive recognition 

MetLife's ongoing commitment to diversity and  inclusion has been recognized by leading organizations. MetLife has been named one of 230 companies across 10 industry sectors recognized in the Bloomberg Gender‐Equality Index (GEI) for its strong, demonstrated commitment to gender equality, including dedicated social disclosure policies and practices. 

MetLife's inclusion on the GEI follows recognition by the Bloomberg Financial Services Gender‐Equality Index, with a similar aim of recognizing companies for gender equality practices and policies.

MetLife has also been recognized by Mogul on its list of Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion which recognizes organizations based on workforce and leadership diversity, employee resources and mentorship, service to the community and sustainable efforts. Mogul is a technology platform that enables women worldwide to connect and access and share knowledge.

The Women’s Forum of New York has recognized MetLife as a “Champion” for the high representation of women on the company's Board

MetLife was also recognized by Deloitte and the Alliance for Board Diversity for having one of the most diverse boards of any company in the Fortune 500.

Recognizing its dynamic environment 

The MetLife  Foundation committed $200 million over five years to advance financial  inclusion, working with MetLife's partners to address the needs of those who are not served or under-served by the financial system, the majority of who are women. The Foundation also works with Girl Scouts and Junior Achievement to help girls learn personal financial management skills at an early age. 

MetLife recognizes its dynamic environment and the company regularly reviews and evaluates its policies, practices and procedures so that its workplace is one in which every employee feels welcome and is provided with the opportunity to work in the most effective and rewarding way possible to meet the needs of MetLife customers. 

Join a company committed to advancing women's careers

MetLife is committed to providing its female employees access to a range of career opportunities.

If you want to join a prime employer for women, research MetLife's job vacancies to see where your skills and experience might lead you.


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