NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation is where women work

Can you help make NSW great?

Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI) is transforming the way it does business to help make NSW great. Some of Australia's best leaders from private sector and government are joining the department bringing new insights, skills and expertise to addressing public challenges.

Women's careers thrive at NSW DFSI

Robyn Keegan, Manager, State Debt Recovery, Office of State Revenue and Chair of Future Female Leaders Program, NSW DFSI says “We’re putting in place the foundations for us to exceed the Premier’s priority of increasing the proportion of women in public sector senior leadership roles. I support and implement initiatives that make this happen and I’m fortunate to work with a passionate and talented group of people. I feel empowered and encouraged to participate and collaborate in these initiatives that value-add to my day-to-day role.”

Brilliant senior executive opportunities

Talented professionals are encouraged to join apply for the many Senior Executive opportunities within the department's Corporate Services division in Finance, ICT, HR, Legal and Audit - and help drive reforms and innovation for the government to best utilise its assets, capital and support services.

Part-time flexible roles

Department of Finance, Services & Innovation has many part-time government jobs and flexible jobs. Work life blanace is respected.

A vibrant and diverse place to work

Diversity makes the organisation an exciting and vibrant place to work. It's their differences that are a valuable asset providing unique capability to support their service delivery to communities. They also offer a rich and broad range of experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Department of Finance, Services & Innovation is a popular career choice for women.

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