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NSW Customer Service

The Customer Service cluster of NSW Government helps NSW remain a national leader in digital transformation. Those working with the department help to rapidly expand the one-stop shop for customers government-wide and put NSW into a world-leading position in digital technology and customer service.

NSW Customer Service has the authority to plan, prioritise, fund and drive digital transformation and customer service across every part of the NSW Government. It is one of the most important functions of the government, as economies around the world continue to transition towards automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and the next generation of jobs. 

The cluster improves customer satisfaction for millions of people and delivers efficiencies in how services are delivered through digital platforms.

Challenging and rewarding roles

NSW Customer Service was established out of the former Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. Most, but not all, functions of the former department were transferred into the new cluster - and a range of exciting new roles and opportunities were also developed.

NSW Customer Service is a place where the next generation of leaders will want to work. The department has many part-time government jobs and flexible jobs - and work/life blanace is respected.

A vibrant and diverse place to work

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