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Engineering a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

As a multi-national engineering group, Spirax-Sarco Engineering is uniquely placed to engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world. They do so by creating products and services that increase operational efficiency; reduce energy, water use and waste; improve safety; and have a sustainable impact on their customers’ operations. This is not just the right thing to do – it is what will enable them to continue to achieve growth that outperforms their markets.

In today’s world, operating sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. Spirax-Sarco Engineering's products and solutions improve environmental sustainability as they help their customers to reduce their carbon emissions, energy consumption and water use. At the same time, this creates value for their customers, who benefit from reduced costs and increased operating efficiencies. Spirax-Sarco Engineering creates value for themselves, as they build lasting relationships with customers; and value for their stakeholders who benefit from their profitable growth.

A multi-national engineering group

Spirax-Sarco Engineering has over 100 years of engineering expertise, specialising in steam solutions, electric thermal energy management, pumping and fluid path technologies.

They're a multi-national engineering group whose world-leading industrial and commercial steam systems, advanced electric thermal solutions, pumps and fluid path equipment can be found in industrial and commercial settings worldwide.

With over 100,000 direct buying customers globally, across a wide range of industries, they provide the thermal energy and pumping solutions that their customers need to manufacture many of the goods that people use every day; anything from food and beverages to medicines, paper, textiles, or car tires. As one may expect from a world-leading engineering group, Spirax-Sarco Engineering is committed to engineering sustainable growth for their stakeholders, which they achieve as they deliver value-adding engineered solutions to their customers, through a direct sales presence in more than 60 countries.

Their purpose

Spirax-Sarco Engineering's purpose is to create sustainable value for all their stakeholders as they engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world. As a diverse global group, this purpose unites and drives them, wherever they operate.

Their structure

Spirax-Sarco Engineering is a world-leading thermal energy management and niche pumping group comprising three specialist engineering businesses:

Steam Specialties - Spirax Sarco and Gestra are specialist providers of industrial and commercial steam systems. Our products and services fall into three key categories: condensate management, controls and thermal energy management, and are used across a wide range of industries worldwide.

Electric Thermal Solutions - Chromalox and Thermocoax provide electrical process heating and temperature management solutions, heat tracing and a range of component technologies. These advanced thermal energy management and control systems ensure more efficient industrial processes.

Watson-Marlow - Watson-Marlow make peristaltic and niche pumps and associated fluid path technologies. These include pumps, tubing, specialty filling systems and products for single-use applications, all providing accurate, reliable and efficient fluid transfer.



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