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One of the most valuable brands in the world

Vodafone has come a long way since making the first ever mobile call in the UK on 1 January 1985. Today, more than 400 million customers around the world choose Vodafone.

In 30 years, a small mobile operator in Newbury has grown into a global business and one of the most valuable brands in the world. Vodafone now operates in around 30 countries and partner with networks in over 50 more.

In an increasingly connected world, it’s no longer just about being able to talk and text. Vodafone's network allows people to share images and videos as soon as they’re captured; to share thoughts and feelings as soon as they’re created. And because Vodafone now does more than just mobile in many markets, more customers look to Vodafone for great value in their fixed line and broadband services too.

Innovation is key

Vodafone understands that businesses need a communications partner with solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change. They may need a few smart phones for voice and email on the move. Or they may require a fully integrated solution that enables sharing of documents, video conferencing and access to corporate applications from any location. Whatever their size and whatever their need, Vodafone is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help their business customers grasp every opportunity in a simple and straightforward way.

Supporting communities

Vodafone's commitment to the community in which they operate extends beyond the products and services they offer. The cornerstone of their commitment to global social investment is the Vodafone Group Foundation. Funded by annual contributions from the Vodafone Group, the Foundation and its network of 27 country foundations supports the community involvement activities of Vodafone and funds selected global initiatives directly.

Sustainable innovation

True to their origins, Vodafone has always committed to deliver useful and inspiring innovation. In 1991 they enabled the world’s first international mobile roaming call. In 2002, with Vodafone Live! they set a new standard for mobile communications with internet access on the move. Fuelled by the desire for sustainable innovation, Vodafone recently introduced Vodafone Money Transfer which allows customers in emerging markets to send and receive money safely and easily using their mobile phone. They’ve also caused a stir in the industry with the Vodafone 150 - their most affordable ultra low cost handset yet.

Empowering people

Vodafone is a brand that loves change - if it’s not happening naturally then they’re creating it themselves. It’s in their DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Vodafone. They are driven to empower people.

To find that spark that empowers you is why they are in business. That’s what they mean when they say ‘power to you’.





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