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Reading, United Kingdom

We’re inventing the future, right here, right now, at Thales. By combining the curiosity to explore, the intelligence to question and the vision to create, we’re transforming the world around us.

Thales UK Research & Technology (TRT UK) is the Reading based research centre forming part of Thales' network of centres situated in the UK, France, Netherlands and Singapore. We are defined by our people, around 100 science and engineering experts in a variety of technological domains. In this role you will contribute to real projects from the start whilst building experience in a variety of areas. such as innovation management, systems engineering, software engineering, digital signal processing, hardware design (digital and RF), vision processing, algorithm development are focused on the following domains:
- Secure radio communications
- cyber and information security
- precise indoor and outdoor positioning
- secure networks
- machine vision and video analytics
- radar and electronic warfare

Over a period of 2 years you will join a number of Thales teams across the UK on a rotational basis. The intention is to give you a breadth of technical experience such that after the 2 years are complete you will be expected to join, on a permanent basis, one of the businesses to which you have been exposed (this includes Thales, UK Research & Technology). The final choice will be opportunity dependent.

You will contribute from the start of your employment whilst building experience in analysing problems to develop technologies and solutions to customer challenges.

The Graduate Pool forms part of the Thales Graduate Development Programme (GDP). Thales' GDP is accredited by the Institution of Engineering & Technology, The Royal Aeronautical Society, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Physics. The GDP will help provide you with the support and training required to assist you in developing the skills required to ultimately achieve professional registration. The GDP is designed to meet the needs of the business and is an essential element in maintaining a professional workforce in a competitive engineering world market.

Skills, qualifications and experience
You must have (or on target to achieve) at least a Bachelors degree with a minimum 2:1 classification in one of the below subjects:
Electronic Engineering and related subjects
Computer Software engineering
Computer Science and related subjects
Mathematics and or Physics

If you are studying Physics or Maths please note that you will need to have completed some electronics or software programming modules as part of your degree.

You will be capable of approaching technical problems with an analytical mind and be keen to see them through to a working solution. The following non-exhaustive list describes the skills required by the Thales UK businesses, including the Research and Technology centre. You will be capable in a subset of these:
Algorithm Development & Mathematical Problem Solving
Software Research, Design & Development including proficiency in C, C++ or Java
General Digital Electronics (including high speed design)
FPGA Design and Implementation
RF Design, up to microwave frequencies.
Mixed Signal Design (A/D, D/A, Amplifiers, Filters etc.

Please note that GDP activities take place during the working week but may require the investment of some personal time for travel and follow up activities. You may have the opportunity to travel to Thales and non-Thales sites throughout the UK when participating in Graduate Development Programme activities.

In line with Thales' Baseline Security requirements, candidates will be asked to provide evidence of identity, eligibility to work in the UK and employment and/or education history for up to three years. Some vacancies may require full Security Clearance which can require further evidence to be provided. For further details of the evidence required to apply for Baseline and Security Clearance please refer to the Defence Business Services National Security Vetting (DBS NSV) Agency.

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