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Research Assistant in Gaseous Industrial Emissions (GIEs) Policy Development

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Chemical and Biological Engineering is a thriving department within the University’s Faculty of Engineering, comprising 34 academic staff, 41 research staff and technicians, 11 support staff and over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Department has a vibrant research and teaching culture spanning particle science and technology/nanotechnology, new energy technologies, the environment and applications of post-genomics bioscience for biotechnology and bioprocessing applications.

The post holder will work in the Styring Group to establish policy and market potential of the reuse of gaseous industrial emissions (GIEs) such as CO2, CO, CH4, SOx and NOx. This will be a desk based research position involving a thorough literature survey and an assessment of the feasibility of utilisation within a technical, economic and political framework. Some modelling of target systems using Aspen Plus will be required. This is a tender project funded by the European Commission DG GROWTH, who will have a major interactive role together with DGs RTD, ENERGY, CLIMA and the sub-agency EASME. The
partners will be ECOFYS (NL), ECN (NL) and WAAT (UK).

The successful candidate will hold, or be close to completing, a PhD degree in resource recovery or a related area. The post holder will also have a thorough knowledge of the use potential use of GIEs and expertise in waste gas utilisation, particularly CO2.

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Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Plan and undertake the research and development necessary to achieve the aims of the project.
• Contribute to the writing of research reports, progress reports, presentations and any other reporting obligations.
• Carry out Techno-economic analysis of proposed solutions including simulation in Aspen Plus.
• Disseminate the results via a technical report, project meetings and conference presentations, with both internal and external focus.
• Maintain accurate and complete records of all findings.
• Develop his/her scientific background, specialist knowledge and scientific contacts.
• Participate in project meetings.
• Collaborate with the project partners - ECOFYS (NL), ECN (NL) and WAAT (UK).
• Oversee a section of work; taking responsibility for allocating resources and ensure procedures are followed and work objectives are met.
• Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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