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Software Development Engineer


London, United Kingdom


Amazon Video has an exciting new mission to transform how we work with devices. The end goal is to make device management fully automated, by building APIs and services to orchestrate and manage devices globally. If you are interested in automation tooling as well as streaming technologies, as well as building scalable cloud based middleware then this could be a great opportunity for you.
Amazon Video designs and builds user interfaces using the latest web technologies, to enable viewers to watch content across a wide range of TVs, connected devices and games consoles. The company passionately believes in combining the two key media disciplines, of design and development, to produce solutions of extraordinary elegance and power. We are looking for talented software developers to join our device management and configuration services team based in London. This is a new team working on building a new suite of services for Amazon customers.

You will be an inventor working with a talented team of like-minded inventors. Collaboration and passion are essential ingredients for success and you will be surrounded by driven, forward thinking individuals. Be prepared to bring unique and creative ideas to every discussion.

You will be as happy coding, as building new hardware stacks, or tuning and tweaking off-the-shelf hardware. You love holistic solutions, networking, cloud, making new inventions and making history.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about technology and application development, people who keep up with the latest advances. If you see there are no problems, but only solutions yet to be made, then this is for you.

· Capable clean coders with the ability to talk through projects delivered by teams they’ve worked in from different angles in both positive and negative terms
· Strong object-oriented design skills
· Experience with automation tooling, frameworks and architectures
· Testing and quality assurance best practices
· Git version control
· Good foundation in general application architecture
· An eye for clean, maintainable code
· Experience in the delivery of key services, features and websites involving multiple stakeholders and dependencies
· Involved in areas outside of immediate role

We are looking for software development engineers with experience building large scale software and application architecture, therefore knowledge of multiple languages is expected.

· Experience working on devices
· Experience with video technology delivery
· Enterprise level Javascript/Node and Java
· Lua and C++ experience a plus
· Design/layout/UI skills a plus
· Other languages (PHP, Ruby, Python)
· Experience with functional testing
· Experience with cloud based solutions
· Experience with low level device programming from switches to raspberry PI


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