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Analyst - London Compliance, Europe Department


London, United Kingdom


To assist with (i) UK regulatory compliance including (a): general departmental monitoring tasks; (b) activities relating to the new LIBOR regime,
(ii) monitoring and analysing the impact on London Branch of new UK and EU laws and regulation and (iii) support for day to day operations of both Compliance Department and Legal Department.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

Accountable for those aspects of the London Branch compliance that are delegated to the role. Responsibilities include:
· As directed, managing and maintaining regular reporting on compliance matters internally.
· Assisting with compliance and regulatory duties relating to Mizuho’s role as a LIBOR panel bank.
· Assisting with compliance and regulatory duties in relation to the UK Deposit Guarantee Scheme
· Assisting with compliance and regulatory duties in relation to Europe Treasury Division including communications monitoring , liaison with Risk Management and the implementation of the FX Global Code.
· Monitoring and analysing new UK and EU legislation relevant to Mizuho London.
· To develop and sustain knowledge of all compliance tasks in the department in order in due course to act as effective alternate for each task.
· Assisting with reporting to meet statutory and regulatory requirements including:
· preparing reports to UK regulatory authorities, Head Office, and other relevant institutions as and when necessary; and
· adherence to anti-money laundering and KYC reporting requirements.
· Assisting in the preparation for and management of UK regulatory visits and audits;
· Dealing with individual FCA registrations, deregistrations and transfers and advising on regulatory training requirements.
· Monitoring and maintaining records for deals under personal account dealing policy.
· As directed, assisting with legal advice, research and documentation review work of Legal Department.

Job skills and knowledge:

· good presentation and communication skills;
· good interpersonal skills; and
· good Word, Excel, PowerPoint and general keyboard skills.

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