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Maintenance Tech (2nd and 3rd shift)


Alamance, United States of America

Role Purpose
1) Responsible for troubleshooting problems and for the repair and maintenance of manufacturing and facilities equipment.
2) Responsible for performing and contributing to the development of a preventative/predictive maintenance program as assigned and for contributing to a TPM environments within the GKN Roxboro facility.
3) Responsible for making pro-active improvements that contribute to the reliability/ maintainability of equipment in assigned areas and for relaying information concerning needed improvements in other areas.
4) Responsible for developing and maintaining assigned maintenance systems/areas to support future equipment reliability and for providing training to the maintenance team about the proper use of these systems.
5) Responsible for supporting improvement /expansion projects while working independently or as part of a team.

Key Responsibilities

Submit cost saving proposal

Lock out/ tag out

Perform daily safety audits-if applicable

Perform specific procedures on equipment safety in cell/line/dept./plant

Report safety issues

Wear personal protective equipment

Act to meet Cell, Department and Plant goals

Actively participate in program and cell launch-as required

Adjust machine settings and troubleshooting-as applicable

Assemble fabricated components with minimal supervision-if applicable

Contribute to design and implement Poke-a- yoke

Contribute to equipment design-If applicable

Design complex electrical schematics

Fabricate items to specifications

Identify repetitive failures and/or implement corrective actions based on failure analyses-if applicable

Improve tool fixtures and processes across multi-processes and cells

Operate forklift equipment-if applicable

Operate Hoist-if applicable

Perform calibration if applicable

Read and wire hardwire prints

Read electrical schematics

Rebuild and refurbish mechanical assemblies

Repair and replace belt drives, gear boxes, gibes and hydraulic power systems

Repair and replace belt drives, gear boxes, spindles, ball screws, gibs and ways

Repair and replace chain drives, bearings and bushings

Repair and replace heat exchangers

Repair and replace Hydraulic power units, pumps and cylinders

Repair and replace Pneumatic systems, pumps and cylinders if applicable

Repair and replace thread, sweat, braze and hand pipe

Run conduit and pulling wire if applicable

Test equipment

Troubleshoot electrical systems

Troubleshoot mechanical systems

Troubleshoot, repair and replace various utility systems

Write reports

Act on improvement/suggestion ideas

Implement and improve ideas-if applicable

Perform 5S/TPM Audits -if applicable

Perform error proofing, generate ideas and aid development-if applicable

Aid in conflict resolution of team issues, across departments and support groups

Assess team performance providing feedback to lead person, and implement adjustments in daily basis

Communicate and manage effectively customer and vendor relationships

Participate in team meetings

Promote a teamwork environment

Support team (active and constructive role)

Understand dept responsibilities and roles

Manage individual impact on cell metrics-if applicable

Participate in budgeting process

Complete assembly of components independently

Identify appropriate machining process, speed and feed for job-if applicable

Identify proper material and application including assessment of alternatives

Operate conventional/manual tool room equipment

Recognize appropriate machining process, speed and feed machine for job

Utilize CMMS to enter data

Utilize machining process, tool, feed and speed rate for chosen material

Perform changeover and set up reductions-if applicable

Perform procedures according to cell documentation

Read, set up and design action plan for gauging-if applicable

Use and apply SPC-if applicable

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Basic knowledge/demonstration

GKN terminology and definitions and site specific terms

GKN Products and processes

PC literacy

Math comprehension

HR policies and procedures-Comprehension and awareness of how to access

ISO 14001-Comprehension and awareness of how to access

EHS Policy and Procedures-Awareness of how to access

EHS required awareness training (MSDS-HAZCOM)

Safety hazards and spill response

Incident Investigation

Quality Policy/Procedures-Awareness (MRB procedure)

Lean Mfg principles and techniques: 5 S, Visual Management, Autonomous Maintenance, Kaizan, Kanban, Lost Time Analysis, Standard Work -if applicable

TS/ISO 16949 work instructions

Cell Quality Documentation-if applicable

Small business awareness

"CMMS-Computerized Maintenance Management System-if applicable"

Forklift certification (as required)

Inspection process (equipment, operation, calibration, performance and layouts)-if applicable

Hoist operation-As required

Gauging Techniques

Process instructions (tools, fluid, coolants, oils and processes)-if applicable


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