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Senior Software Development Manager


Dublin, Ireland


It is a very cool time for software development in the world of networks. Routers are becoming commodity devices. The network operating system that sits on top of these commodity devices must be built. Chip manufacturers have released data plane development kits allowing regular servers to perform essential networking functions if the right software is built. The evolution of big data storage and processing technologies is allowing for deep network analytics software to be developed that is allowing networks to grow in scale and scope. At Amazon Web Services, we run one of the biggest networks in the world. We are taking all the industry trends mentioned above and blending them into the critical foundation of utility computing: the network. Our goal is to become the infrastructure platform for the world and our team will make the bones of the platform “the network”, work flawlessly.

AWS Networking Software Systems team is looking for a Senior Software development manager to lead a team of engineers to build new systems that innovate in this area by managing and operating network at scale via software systems and services. The team will be responsible for building the next generation of “tools and control software” for the Amazon’s network including lifecycle management applications and automation for configuration deployments.

We are building a scalable distributed system to manage the distribution of: libraries, modules and device configuration for thousands of heterogeneous devices in dozens of data centers across the world. These systems enable backend workflows to manage automated, planned and unplanned deployments supporting both roll-back and automatic failover. We are building services to expose device-independent, well defined and abstracted APIs around network elements to build application level networking software. This allows us to build robust network management applications that provide significantly improved control, visibility and predictability for Amazon’s global network.

As a manager of this team, you will be leading a team of highly motivated software developers that thrives on solving challenging problems with innovative solutions building large-scale distributed software systems in Python, Java and other languages using open source technologies like Apache, Celery, Redis, HTTP/REST services etc., and other Amazon’s proprietary technologies.


· A solid background in computer science: a bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science (or equivalent) is required.
· Excellent software development skills, preferably in Java, C/C++, Ruby and/or Perl in Linux environment.
· A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals, data structures, algorithms and deftness at object-oriented design and systems architecture.
· Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.


· A solid understanding of performance and efficiency issues.
· Experience with distributed computing and enterprise-wide systems.
· Experience taking a leading role in building complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers.
· Experience influencing software engineers best practices within your team.
· Ability to take a project from scoping requirements through actual launch of the project.
· A strong customer orientation.
· 5+ years’ experience managing software development managers


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