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UAS Test & Evaluation Pilot


Crawley, United Kingdom

Thales people design solutions that enable two thirds of planes to take off and land safely. We create in-flight entertainment systems that engross 50 million fliers every year and we develop the avionics that control the world’s largest commercial aircrafts. In the UK, our simulators train the next generation of pilots for fighter jets, transporters and search and rescue helicopters. And, together, each and every member of our aerospace team makes a difference.

Primary Purpose of the Role:

The Thales Flight Operations Organization needs to recruit a new UAS-pilot due to expanded Test and Evaluation requirements. The new pilot will support the Flight Operations Organization to conduct Test and Evaluation of UASs and general duties around the running of the organisation related to regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Undertake all work activities in line with Thales processes to consistently deliver business commitments
Focus on the quality of what we deliver to the customer, be proactive and look at continually improving the way we work
As an active member of the Flight Operations Organization, a pilot should be able to undertake the following tasks:
Qualify as a Flight Authorizer
Qualify as a UAV Commander
Lead in planning, supervision and execution of flight trials
Creation of flight trials documents to include Trial Instructions, Risk and Hazard assessments, Air Safety Statements, Flight Test Cards and Trial Reports
Participate in UAS trials as UAV Cdr / pilot / payload operator during Thales and MoD flight trials
Provide interpretation and implementation of military flight test policy and regulations, particularly in relation to test and evaluation flight operations
Conduct mission planning, briefing, flight execution and mission de-briefing.
Conduct liaison with ATC, airfield, ranges, support facilities, external agencies.
Duties required in support of the safety management system

Skills, Experience and Qualifications needed:

Previously (or current) qualified military or civilian pilot graduate of the Empire Test Pilots’ School or the French and American equivalent schools.
Previously (or current) qualified flight authorizer
Flight trials experience as a qualified test pilot
May consider General Duties Aerosystems Course or equivalent
Flying supervision experience as a flying organisation supervisor or flight commander
Central Flying School flying training organization approval as a qualified (Q) aircrew instructor
Flight trials supervision experience as a flight trials manager
>1000 hours manned aircraft flight including flight trials
>500 hours (medium/large) UAS flight in a UAS including flight trials
Previous employment as a test pilot as part of a recognised flight trials organization.


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