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Machine Operator - SMC D Shift (F,Sat, Sun 6:30 P - 6:30 A)


Sanford/Precision Forming, United States of America

Role Purpose
Work in a team-based, employee empowered manufacturing cell. Work includes operation, set-up and troubleshooting cell equipment and light maintenance work. The cell may include CNC Turning Centers, Spline Rollers, Broach Machines, Induction Hardening Technology, Temper Furnaces, Plunge Grinding Operations and Robotics. May also include the use of Quality Inspection and marking equipment.

Key Responsibilities
Responsible for safe operations of his/her work environment and others by following all safe operating procedures and highlighting or correcting unsafe conditions in their area.

Must be able to change over equipment to alternate products quickly and efficiently.

Responsible for ensuring total quality of parts produced.

Responsible for daily production, housekeeping, gaging, TPM and light maintenance.

Sets up and maintains his/her own work, determining proper feeds and speeds, while obtaining proper results.

Performs at assigned skill level as determined by Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) of Machine Operations job family.

Must be multi-skilled and flexible, able to move to other production areas in the facility based on business needs.

Responsible for problem solving, continuous improvement and supporting cost saving initiatives.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills

Have a High School Diploma or GED.
Demonstrate good manufacturing skills
Be willing to accept responsibility for team decision making, team activities, and team performance.
Minimum of 1 year CNC machining experience, preferably in a high volume manufacturing environment.

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