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Reclaim & Greaser Team Member - 2nd shift


Roxboro, United States of America

Role Purpose
Production rework to effectively disassemble the parts, salvage components, and return parts to the cell. Ensure to monitor the grease barrel aisle and change out when necessary with lost of production time.

Key Responsibilities
Have the ability to rotate between reclaiming assembled product which is non-conforming to standard and changing grease barrels
Understands/can perform standard to SOP half shaft rework matrix
Understand procedure for reclaiming assembled product
Able to rework parts safely and meet quality standards
Able to fill out proper paperwork when removing parts and returning parts to cells
Work with multiple teams to clearly define what is being reworked and where parts should be stored to avoid flow out of non-conforming material
Work with quality department to determine correct procedures for reclaiming product
Help to develop standards to improve quality of product reclaimed (tools, processes)
Communicate with teams on potential concerns found during reclaim process
Ability to change out grease barrels to safely and meet housekeeping standards
Ability to meet customer requirements in placing correct grease to barrel locations, priming pump and discarding barrels
Removal of empty barrels to 5S locations for pick up
Communicating with team members to order correct grease qty for re-fill
Communication with maintenance when grease pumps are malfunctioning or out of service

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
- Have a High School Diploma or GED.

- Have the physical ability to bend at more than a 45E angle, stoop, twist, turn, lift up to 30 pounds, and use repetitive hand motions.

-Have an interview, reference checks and a medical examination.
-Have knowledge of multiple cells/operations to understand functionality of product

Other Requirements:

- Be physically capable of performing all related duties.

- Possess general problem solving skills.

- Demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

- Be involved in ongoing training.

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