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Technical Program Manager


Dublin, Ireland


Amazon Payment Infrastructure Engineering is responsible for designing, building, maintaining and operating the infrastructure that supports's global payment systems. If you buy from Amazon, anywhere in the world you use our platform.

As a Technical Program Manager on the Payment Infrastructure Engineering team, you will be a leader and innovator, finding new ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently, without compromising our focus on security, compliance, and customer trust.

Our Technical Program Managers are experts in their field, doing what needs to be done, focusing on our customers and ensuring the security of their data. You will lead cross-functional team projects, focused on the delivery of new features, services, products, or systems. You will gather technical and business requirements, document functional and design specifications, identify appropriate resourcing, assemble the right project team, assign individual responsibilities, and develop the milestones and launch schedule to ensure timely and successful delivery of the project. You will apply your expertise to assess and manage risks, measure and report on progress, anticipate and resolve bottlenecks, provide escalation management, anticipate and make tradeoffs, and balance the business needs with the technical constraints and security.

Your ability to see the big picture and influence others will help drive the implementation of solutions that build on our world-class systems and provide for improvement and innovation. Your work directly impacts how Amazon does business, providing a secure, robust, and reliable infrastructure upon which our payments partners, business organizations, and customers rely.

It is a challenge to work with such a wide scope of topics but it is also great opportunity for Program Managers who excel when challenged, who enjoy working with motivated, creative, and innovative people to deliver and achieve great things.

What you do…

You are responsible for managing the lifecycle of a complex cross-functional program with considerable impact. Your program may focus on a single product in a critical technology area or you may work more broadly, managing larger initiatives that span organizations or geographies in support of a larger business objective. You may own the delivery of large/complex projects. You may be assigned to manage the roadmap for an organization, which may include contributing to budget planning narratives, and even ownership of an organization goal. As a large technology program owner, you are accountable for driving teams inside and outside of your organization to deliver. You are able to define the program (mission, vision, tenets), set objectives, analyze data, drive improvements to metrics, and influence resource allocation. You understand the systems in your product or program space, their limitations, scaling factors, boundary conditions, and reasons behind architectural decisions.

To ensure business and technical stakeholder needs are aligned, you drive mindful discussions that lead to crisp decisions. You provide a long-term perspective, context (past, current, and future) for business and technology choices. You collaborate with customers and technology teams to determine what projects move forward and in what priority order. You use your technical judgment to question proposals and test assumptions. You enlist Senior Engineer and/or Principal support to ensure architecture(s) scale (or will scale) to match the “think big” business case. You make smart trade-offs (e.g., time vs. effort vs. features). You create plans that have clear, measurable success criteria. You clearly communicate progress and outcomes. You oversee the gap between teams, processes, and system architectures. You help teams/your organization reduce exposure to classic failure modes (e.g., requirements not sufficiently understood/documented, ineffective cross-team collaboration, long-term impact(s) from of the use of third-party technologies, APIs not protected/hardened, insufficient testing/gaps in QA). You solve ambiguous problems and proactively identify and mitigate risks (before they become roadblocks). You demonstrate good judgment in how and when to escalate (without damaging relationships). You are data-driven. You regularly review metrics and proactively seek out new and improved data/mechanisms for visibility, ensuring your program stays aligned with organization objectives.

You understand technical program management and engineering best practices. You may be asked to use your knowledge to assess development processes, test plans, and operations/maintenance requirements. You work with teams to improve concurrent project delivery. You streamline and/or eliminate excess process. You influence teams to decouple from dependencies and eliminate architecture problems that stifle innovation or cause user dissatisfaction, development collisions, and/or outages.


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