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Analyst Trade Finance


London, United Kingdom

Job Description:

Purpose: (brief statement of why the role exists, what it is expected to achieve for the business)

To processing Trade Finance transactions across EMEA thus being able to provide support to the business lines and enabling work flows to run smoothly in cost efficient manner ensuring adherence to all procedures and controls.
This role has a heavy focus to be accurate, knowledgeable and apply HO Procedures, local procedures and governing rules.

- Ensure all transactions are processed and settled on a timely basis with priority to high value and time critical files.
- Ensure all internal reporting requirements are completed on a timely basis
- Identify and resolve errors promptly and report to Section Head / Front Office.
- Cross train self and others.
- Adherence and support of Quality Management System (QMS).
- Correct use of systems and processing tools and adhere to procedures to produce accurate outputs thereby retaining professional image of the Bank and high client service levels.
- Support process and improvement initiatives and projects as required.
- Improve processing environment, team dynamics and ethos
- Assist with cross training plans to create a fungible team capable of flexing to the requirements of a multi business stream environment.
- Support others, act as a role model and lead by example to assist in creating a motivated team.

• Successful and timely processing and control of all transactions within timeframes set.
• Internal and external error reporting
• Timely resolution of all errors and prevention of repeat errors.
• Customer feedback, both internal and external
• Review of customer complaints / feedback.
• Compliance with QMS.

Knowledge & Skills:

• Deep understanding of all Trade Finance products, Import and Export LCs, Guarantees and Collections.
• Knowledge of UCP 600 and relevant ICC publications
• Knowledge on Money Laundering procedures and UK Proceeds of Crime Act
• Awareness of UK and OFAC sanction policies
• Microsoft Office Manager Products
• Ability to deliver clear communication to staff, delegate work and assign duties to members of the team in a fair and professional manner and escalate to senior management as necessary.
• Excellent work flow and time keeping management

• Team building skills
• EXIMBILLS system experience
• French, German and/or Japanese language capabilities

• Teamwork
- Works effectively with others to achieve team goals; freely contributes ideas and expresses opinions to others in the team; helps and supports others, willing to subordinate working goals for the overall interests of the team, department and to the bank.
• Flexibility
- Takes an adaptable and flexible approach to work situations; willing and able to adjust to changing demands and circumstances; receptive to new ideas.
• Planning and Organisation
- Plans and organises tasks thoroughly and effectively; plans to minimise costs and risks whilst maximising results; develops workable contingencies and is prepared to react flexibly and effectively to changes as required, balancing conflicting priorities.
• Drive
- Enthusiastic and self starting, demonstrates strong commitment to the organisation, department and role; has the capacity for sustained effort and hard work over long time periods; seizes opportunities and acts upon them; actively influences events.
• Problem Resolution
- Analyses problems logically from all angles, gathers information from a broad range of sources; generates logical, timely and workable solutions.
• Communications
- Articulates views/proposals, clearly, concisely and logically both verbally and in writing; confidently liaises with all levels of staff (internally and externally); ability to amicably persuade others to their point of view
Qualifications and Training:
Demonstrable extensive product knowledge of Trade Finance Instruments

Certified Documentary Credit Specialist Qualification (CDCS) desirable

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