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Machine Learning Scientist


Cambridge, United Kingdom


Have you ever wanted to work on machine learning challenges that will make a lasting impact on society? We are looking for brilliant Machine Learning Researchers who have the passion to tackle tough problems by bringing bleeding edge machine learning algorithms into production for a brand new strategic area for Amazon! Together with a highly multi-disciplinary team of scientist, engineers, strategic partners, product managers and subject domain experts you will work on building a product with machine learning at its core.

· PhD in machine learning (or in a highly related area) or equivalent experience
· Solid background in statistical learning techniques
· Algorithm implementation experience as well as the ability to modify standard algorithms (e.g. changing objectives, working-out the math, implementing and scaling)
· Strong programming skills in at least one object oriented programming language (Java, Scala, C++, Python, etc.)
· Knowledge of or experience in building production quality and large scale deployment of applications related to machine learning.
· Fluency with Unix systems
· Ability to develop prototypes by manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
· Eager to learn new algorithms, to keep up-to-date with literature, explore new application areas and new tools.
· Excellent communication skills

· Experience with deep learning
· Experience with sequential data modelling, time-series analysis and multi-modal learning algorithms
· Track-record of novel algorithm development, e.g. publications in one or more of the following: KDD, WWW, NIPS, NAACL, ACL, SIGIR, EMNLP, ICML etc
· Experience with large scale data analysis tools such as Spark, Hadoop etc.
· Experience with filesystems, server architectures, and distributed systems


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