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Assembly Operators - Applying


Bowling Green, United States of America

Role Purpose
To work in a team environment to assemble components, evaluates axles/or transmissions to meet customers' quality standards and delivery schedules.
Key Responsibilities
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all Plant and cell/line safety and environmental policies and procedures and be able to recognize potential safety hazards.
Possess full knowledge of all equipment within the cell/line.
Operate all equipment within the cell/line at standard operating rates with minimum downtime.
Demonstrate full knowledge of autonomous maintenance, Safety Alerts, Quality Alerts and change management procedures related to the cell/line.
Demonstrate correct gaging techniques and perform all quality verification within the cell/line to the required standard.
Demonstrate the ability to run masters and/or red rabbits.
Demonstrate the ability to reset errors.

Equal Opportunity Employer


VEVRA Federal Contractor

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Good motor skills, hand dexterity, ability to stand for long periods, walk, stoop, kneel and move/push +40 lbs and good or corrected vision and hearing.

Basic Literacy and Numerical Skills.

High School Diploma or GED

Prefer manufacturing or assembly experience (minimum 3 months).

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