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CNC Machinists Technician


Wellington, United States of America

Role Purpose
Sets up and operates conventional, special purpose and computer numerical control (CNC) machines and machining centers to fabricate metallic parts.

Key Responsibilities
Has the ability to use machine control(s) effectively though may require help on occasion.“Effectively” is defined as having understanding of all functions of the machine control including axis movement, program management, tool data management, offset management, etc.Understands function of all control panel features.A Level II operator has this ability on 2 or more of the following controls:Acramatic 850, 950, 2100; Siemens, Fanuc, Mazak, and ‘open architecture’ controls.
Demonstrates ability to perform simple MDI commands.Can input data to move machine to coordinates, turn spindle on and off, coolant on and off, and put machine into neutral or ‘low gear’ for hole indication purposes.Can write simple programs using ‘canned’ cycles to do things like repair stripped out bolt holes in fixtures.
Has basic to moderate level of blueprint understanding.Can find datums, understands control features and tolerances, understands how sectional views work, can find blueprint zone information, and part dimensional features.Can use this information to complete Operator Inspection Reports.
Can set up a job.This means loading fixtures, indicating them in along 3 axis, set coordinates off a set-up hole using a dial indicator.Knows how to use a ‘wiggler’ or surface sensing probe or edge finder.Can set up all tools to correct length and input Tool Data.Understands cutter diameter or radius compensation.Must be able to do this with minimal to no supervision.Identifies damaged Tooling and notifies Supervisor.
Has basic understanding of cutter geometry, knows what is meant by ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ relief angles.Can identify type of tool (end mill, drill, inserted tool, reamer, etc).Knows the difference between carbide, cobalt, and High Speed Steel and the proper application of each.Can identify left hand versus right hand tools and understands required spindle direction for each use.
Understands how to load raw material onto a fixture and how to make sure it is loaded properly by using feeler gauges, indicators, etc.
Follows all Shop Practices.Uses all available information and procedures to strive for zero-defects on all parts.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Two (2) or more years’ experience in machining.
Understands surface speed, cutter rpm, and chip load completely and can demonstrate this knowledge by using a ‘slide rule’ calculator or formula calculation
Possesses all tools on Required Tool List and knows how to use them properly.Can demonstrate what tool to use to check various tolerance levels and the reasoning for this.
Can calculate and use decimals written out to four places

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