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Production Assistant


Wellington, United States of America

Assists CNC operators in preparations of manufacturing of metal on metal fabricating machines

Key Responsibilities

Lifts, moves, clamps, and bolts fixtures on machines.
Prepares fixtures for loading of work piece
Fills tanks and oil cups with lubricants (shared with operator).
Helps lift and position work pieces.
Sweeps or blows chips from fixtures.
Loads and removes work pieces and excess material from machines.
Files, grinds, or scrapes sharp edges, burrs, scales, or rust from work pieces.
Sorts, marks, or tags finished work
Transports material
Assists operators and inspectors with inspection of finished parts
Furnishes Machine Operator with materials, tools, and supplies
Cleans work area, machines, tools, and equipment
Performs other routine duties

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Basic Math skills – add, subtract, multiply and divide

Experience with hand tools, drills and impact tools

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