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HR Generalist


Istanbul, Turkey

Role Purpose
Ensuring ongoing payments. Administration of specific HR software program. Time and needs-oriented provision of suitable personnel for the direct area in consultation with the HR Manager.

Key Responsibilities
- Responsibility for local payroll
- Carry out a remuneration statement for a defined staff circle, observing all legal provisions
- advising the employees on all aspects of the remuneration statement
- Independent processing of HR projects
- Determination of the tax and social insurance obligation also in special cases
- Issuing certificates and notifications for employees, health insurance funds and authorities
- processing of applications for partial retirement from application to reimbursement
- Help in doing yearly budget
- Support to set up accruals
- Creation of the monthly statistics for human ressources
- Correspondence with main public authorities, state administrations
- Prepare individual personnel measures for employees with operational and legal
requirements, after consultation with the HR Manager
- Recruitment Management
- Launch and evaluate performance assessments, evaluate results statistically
- advising the employees on matters relating to employment and social insurance, collective
agreements, work agreements and qualification measures

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Training as a Human Resources generalist/officer
Work experience in HR
Good communication skills
Ability to work effectively in a team environment

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