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Programme Manager


Alamance, United States of America

Manage the execution of one or more programmes for Driveline products or driveline systems to deliver approved targets i.e. time, quality, gross margin, ROIC, product cost and programme development budget.

Initiate Programme Management following authority being received from relevant management committee or from NBA meetings.

Establish the Programme Management (PM) organisation, including the core team. Using the PM Kick-off meeting, ensure that all relevant information is reviewed by the PM core team, including approved programme targets, specific customer requirements, product & process deviations, previous concern history relating to the customer and products to be launched.

Ensure that a Know-how transfer plan is defined (if necessary) which takes account of all identified requirements.

Set targets for all individuals involved, including Account Team, Quality, Purchasing, Manufacturing Engineering, Supply Chain, Controlling.

Ensure that a VA/VE plan is defined and executed to achieve improved Programme gross margin.

Define comprehensive PM Project Plan, including a Master Programme Timing Plan, ensuring alignment with customer vehicle development and APQP requirements.

Together with the Account Team, lead the management of the customer interface to ensure GKN Driveline business objectives are met during launch.

Lead the tracking of product costs for the different design changes with the support of the Account Team, Finance and Purchasing to ensure that detailed and accurate cost data is available when required.

Lead progress of all PM activities, including Action Lists, Risk Management, Change Management, VA/VE, Lessons Learned and KHT activities to ensure approved programme targets are achieved.

Ensure all concerns are addressed and resolved in acceptable timescales. Share any lessons learnt through use of relevant databases.

Ensure management are kept aware of progress against approved targets.

Lead all gateway reviews with appropriate levels of management.

Arrange for I-SHARE programme database to be created, accessible by all members of the PM organisation and authorised management.

Ensure that all required information is managed in I-SHARE Programme database.

Ensure programme status is kept up-to-date in on-line reporting system.

Ensure adherence to Customer Application Programme Management Process (Driveline CAPM), including the approval and rejection of deviations.

If executing a major D stage programme, ensure all Driveline processes are adhered to.

Ensure that a comprehensive Risk Management plan is compiled & maintained as an active document which takes account of previous concern history and other risks identified from other functions.

Lead and coordinate team activities of all functions and operations involved in the programme. For a Senior PM, the scope could be a complex local programme or a regional category 2 programme.

Work with Customer Account & Product Engineering team teams in the successful development of business opportunities.

Support the initiation of, and/or the updating of Make v Buy studies & activities as appropriate during the early phases of the programme.

Develop, obtain approval for, and subsequently track spend against programme budget throughout programme duration. Identify any significant deviations & seek re-approval of budget as appropriate.

Ensure that Manufacturing gives approval for the different manufacturing process flows in relevant operations before NBAS is completed.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
Formal Qualification:
University degree or equivalent

Previous Exerience required:

3 years experience in an operation or account team, preferably proven experience successfully running & luanching a significant local category 3 program as a PM

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