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Industrial Engineer - Plant 2


Newton, United States of America

Role Purpose
Assist engineering group

Key Responsibilities
• Comply with all company and departmental policies and procedures.

• Maintain time standards for all plant operations through time studies, estimates and/or computerized models.

• Maintain a steady control of established time standards for continuous improvement purposes.

• Develop or utilize basic information for quotation purposes when necessary such as: shop routing data (teB, trB, PVG.)

• Maintain SAP System with all required data (skills, productive and non-productive parts, detailed time information) including SAP-Routings (TE, teB, trB, wait times, work centers, lot quantities)

• Provide data for manpower and machine capacities for the department.

• Maintain and continually improve GKN’s Line Management System.

• Maintain and use PVG data to determine optimal man/machine balancing in the department

• Conduct detailed studies of setup and changeover activities and improve these processes by reducing setup and changeover time.

• Determine production targets for various operations in conjunction with other team members in the department.

• Analyze the manufacturing areas for potential improvement projects

• Work with associates to obtain ideas to continuously improve work systems and processes.

• Coordinate improvement projects with Manufacturing Engineers, Team Coaches and other plant personnel as appropriate.

• Maintain ergonomic standards in all manufacturing areas / workplaces in conjunction with plant safety personnel.

• Assist Value Stream management team with budget data (comparison actual / plan).

• Develop and maintain standard cost calculations using GKN calculation methods for responsible area and / or related components including: teB, trB, PVG. Cost of process changes (as part of the PRC process)

• Perform other tasks as assigned by department manager

Qualifications / Experience / Skills

Two-year degree in Industrial Engineering or related field - required.

Four-year degree in Industrial Engineering or related field – preferred.

Certification in REFA or equivalent US Industrial Engineering Techniques
One year experience in time studies or industrial engineering related projects.

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