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Network Engineer


Newton, United States of America

Role Purpose
Accomplish tasks and prevent assembly shortages and/or stock out.

Key Responsibilities
Handle data to day issues with assembly lines related to data collection, interface with engineers on new projects and planning for new lines, database administrations, report creation, user training, data mining.
- Frequently includes importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision making purposes

- Presenting data in charts, graphs, tables, designing and developing relational databases for collecting data and in some organizations it also includes building or designing data input or data collection screens.

- Write Data Definition Language or Data Manipulation Language SQL commands, be responsible for improving data quality and for designing or presenting conclusions gained from analyzing data using statistical tools like Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS and others.

- Process minded individual. For example, it’s important to understand the concept of designing a business report because you can learn and implement that report in Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services or even with Microsoft Access Reports.

- Gathers information from various sources that might help better understand the situation and then studies the information to find a solution. Must identify and interpret patterns and trends, assess data quality and eliminate irrelevant data

- Gathers the results of analysis as a comprehensive report to decision makers and others affected by the results. Usually designs the report and includes tools that can help those involved easily digest the data, such as statistics, graphs, images and lists

- Provides database design and management services, as dictated by employer need. They make database design recommendations. They also collect data using a variety of methods, such as data mining and hardcopy or electronic documentation study, to improve or expand databases.

- Trains employees in new procedures or protocols; or assist with the installation, operation and maintenance of new technologies.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
REQUIRED: Process minded individual, Write Data Definition Language or Data Manipulation Language SQL commands, understand reporting tools like Crystal reports, basic IT networking skills

PREFERRED: Knowledge of Dephi, C++, web development, Excel, Access DB, PLCs. Big Data or Industrie 4.0 knowledge. Be able to interface with users and understand their needs and required outputs.

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