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Research Associate in the Simulation of Microstructural Features of Functional Oxides Materials using FEM

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


A position is available for a Research Associate in the simulation of microstructural features of functional oxides materials using FEM in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, to assist with the development of an algorithm to generate roughness in 3D realistic microstructural for the simulation of functional oxide materials for MLCC applications. The research programme is sponsored by the EPSRC where the project objectives are:

(i) to develop an algorithm to generate a package capable to generating a 3D realistic roughness between two granular structures.

(ii) use an in-house finite element package, along with the software package to study the influence of interfacial roughness in multi-layered ceramic capacitors, advancing knowledge relating to degradation and/or failure in such devices

Applicants should hold a PhD (or have equivalent experience) in materials science and experience in analysis techniques such as impedance spectroscopy along with experience in developing, compiling, running and modifying software packages in a variety of languages (e.g. C, bash, gmsh, Voro++ and paraview)

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Main Duties and Responsibilities

• To assist in developing an in-house advanced microstructural package that incorporates realistic roughness into a three-dimensional microstructure, essential in describing functional oxide ceramics.

• Co-ordinate and liaise development within the finite element modelling functional materials group (FEM-FM).

• Publish research results in good quality journals and contribute to the publication output of the research group.

• Assist with administrative tasks in the project.

• Assist with student supervision and training.

• Plan for specific activities of the research project as agreed with supervisory team.

• Coordinate and liaise with other members of the research group and collaborators over work progress.

• Plan and manage dissemination of project results.

• Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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