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Associate Derivatives, Collateral and Securities


London, United Kingdom

Job Description:

Associate DCS – Derivatives, Collateral and Securities

To ensure that all DCS transactions are correctly booked, confirmed with relevant parties, positions and settled in a cost efficient manner ensuring adherence to all SLA’s and procedures.

1) Identify and escalate to Section Head and/or Group Head immediately any potential operational difficulties
2) Ensure the timely confirmation/Settlement of all DCS products within the time frame set by management working in full compliance with HOP and IOP 40%
3) Engage in cross training in order to gain a good operational processing knowledge of all DCS products, as per Tier 2 procedures. Manage own development under management guidance. Cover departmental ad-hoc tasks when required
4) Look to implement change management through improving processes and set standards for others to aspire to
5) Identify and resolve errors promptly and report promptly to Senior Management.
6) Adherence to and compliance with Quality Management system

• Successful and timely processing/control of all DCS transactions
• Transactions, Positions & Accounts across product range are agreed & reconciled on a timely basis to minimise settlement risk
• Timely resolution of all errors and prevention of repeat errors
• Demonstrable compliance with QMS
• Documentation & Fees are agreed & reconciled on a timely basis to minimise settlement risk
• Ensure tight control, no funds are paid unless Third Party confirmation agreed
• To constantly review and look to improve processes where possible through tighter controls, system development and ad-hoc project tasks.
• To ensure that effective communication, both internal and external, verbally and via email, is delivered in a concise and timely manner, especially regarding project/system developments and all management escalation issues.

Knowledge & Skills:
• Understanding of general Back Office function; payments,swift – Essential
• Demonstrable knowledge of DCS products and clearing/settlement processing - Desirable
• System use skills on Microsoft Office Manager products – Essential
• Knowledge of BNY Mellon custodian systems - Desirable
• Demonstrable knowledge of changes to financial markets and regulations impacting Mizuho and DCS products

Key Behaviours/Competencies Required:
Teamwork – Description
Works effectively with others to achieve team goals; freely contributes ideas and expresses opinions to others in the team; helps and supports others; willing to subordinate personal working goals for the overall interests of the team, department and to the Bank.
Level- Intermediate: Recognises when others need help & proactively supports them. Works co-operatively with & promotes close working between own & others teams. Builds team spirit by encouraging participation from & co-operation between team members.
Decision Making – Description
Makes well judged decisions in a timely manner; undertakes thorough and detailed analysis and is able to explain and justify decisions if required.
Level- Intermediate: Responds quickly in a crisis, taking action to avoid escalation. Weighs up costs, benefits & risks of outcomes. Capable of properly evaluating complex factors.
Flexibility – Description
Takes an adaptable and flexible approach to work situations; willing and able to adjust to changing demands and circumstances; receptive to new ideas.
Level- Intermediate: Able to respond to changing business/operational requirements by designing and introducing new processes and procedures. Tailor work pattern & services effectively to internal/external customer needs
Planning & Organisation – Description
Plans and organises tasks thoroughly and effectively; plans to minimise costs and risks whilst maximising results; develops workable contingencies and is prepared to react flexibly and effectively to changes as required, balancing conflicting priorities
Level- Intermediate: Plans and organises work activities to ensure team delivers required results fully using individuals skills and capabilities. Changes priorities to fit changing circumstances. Consults with others when deciding most efficient way to execute tasks. Anticipates potential problems by preparing alternative plans of action.
Problem Resolution – Description
Analyses problems logically from all angles, gathers information from a broad range of sources; generates logical, timely and workable solutions
Level- Intermediate: Understands how different parts of problem or situation link together. Has a clear understanding of pros & cons. Able to stand back from problem & see the bigger picture. Adopts a logical step-by-step approach to analysis sorting out critical factors & trends underlying a problem. Locates a variety of novel and innovative information sources.
Communication – Description

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