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Associate Director - Country Risk Analyst, Europe Credit Department


London, United Kingdom

Europe Credit Division’s (EUCR) principle responsibility is to maintain and monitor the quality of that part of the lending book falling within its jurisdiction (Europe, Africa and the Middle East), in accordance with Bank policy and the procedures contained in standard instructions. Specifically, EUCR will:
· Approve credit / risk lines up to the approval level of the General Manager / Department.
· Review and provide a recommendation to Head Office or the Head of Region on credit requests above the approval level of the Department.
· Review and monitor the loan portfolio to maintain a balanced and quality driven asset base.
· Review and monitor developments in emerging (and other) market countries under its jurisdiction and determine appropriate lending limits and strategies.
· Disseminate and ensure compliance with bank credit policy, regulatory requirements and local laws.
· Act as a point of reference and maintain a constructive and supportive relationship with the Branches for all credit and lending related matters.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
· Undertake analysis of the sovereign and country risk of countries in which Mizuho operates in the EMEA region, with a particular focus on Emerging EMEA (Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Turkey, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa) and prepare risk reports and recommendations to Management on exposure and lending strategy.
· Monitor developments by country, identifying major risk factors and investigating any adverse trends that may affect existing clients or the quality of the book; bringing these to the attention of Senior Management.
· Assist senior management in the decision making process with regard to sovereign credit applications and, where necessary, provide supporting summary opinions / recommendations to Head Office (HO).
· Attend client meetings or make on-site and country visits (arrange and conduct due diligence trips) and develop and maintain information sources relevant to emerging market countries under EUCR jurisdiction as appropriate to gain a better understanding of sovereign / country / individual credit risks.
· Initiate and/or undertake projects that will contribute to improved risk assessment of emerging countries.
· Conduct credit reviews and assess internal ratings of countries and sovereign entities on a regular as well as on ad hoc basis.
· Effectively liaise with, and provide guidance to the business side and other departments within the Bank on sovereign credit and country risk related matters including responding to credit opinion requests
· Review and consider ways of improving upon existing credit procedures and guidelines (including, as necessary, systems for rating, monitoring and reporting on portfolio quality).

Job skills and knowledge
· Good sovereign credit analysis and research skills.
· Experience in emerging market country risk analysis, some knowledge of financial crises over the last two decades.
· Knowledge of Economics to at least first degree level.
· Knowledge of Mizuho culture, philosophy, structure and policies (including rating systems and procedures and lending / pricing guidelines).
· Good oral and written communication / presentation skills.
· Computer literate - word-processing / spreadsheet.
· Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.
· Knowledge of Rating Agency’s methodologies.
· Experience of lending into emerging markets (Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East)
· Knowledge of EMEA legal and regulatory systems
· Experience of other banking systems and procedures


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