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Officer ESOD- EMEA Central Support / CSD


London, United Kingdom

Job Description:

ESOD- EMEA Central Support / CSD

Assist with the daily duties in the running of the operations services/activities of the various EMEA offices. This includes frequent contact with customers and front offices for query resolution.

Payments processing outsourced from the EMEA offices including funding/nostro control and SWIFT input/authorisation and monitoring

Providing quality & accurate booking and settlement services across a broad range of operational activities
This being in a cost sensitive manner whilst ensuring compliance with all procedures (HO related & local variances)

Administer EMEA workflows, handling receipt of instructions, distribution of work and controlling checks for work completion
Issues and investigations and production of Management Information/statistics

Controlling the cash funding process ensuring nostro cash accounts are utilised to their optimum.

Working as per cross cultural and cross border requirements and displaying awareness to these sensitivities

Responsible for the processing of payments outsourced from the European offices including funding/nostro control and SWIFT input/authorisation and monitoring

- Perform checking and authorisation of deal and transaction associated functions in support of the products & processes

- To report to the senior staff delayed items, disputed amounts and provide updates on outstanding investigations

- Identify and resolve errors promptly, reporting to Supervisor/Dept Head.

- To ensure that nostro outstandings are tightly controlled

- To assist in the preparation of the department’s external reporting and internal controls

- To provide help & support with projects and ad hoc tasks that further advance the abilities and scope of the Group

- Be able to provide opinion and direction on new business initiatives, and resulting changes

- Adhere to the Mizuho London Branch Quality Management System

- Show ability to cross-train self and others.

Expected to have an understanding of a range of remittance products,
foreign exchange and current account management

Multicurrency domestic and International Payments

Expected to learn how various systems are utilised across all branches

Demonstrable knowledge of Money Laundering procedures.

Awareness of prohibited individuals, companies, countries and commodities as advised by the various global bodies including OFAC, BofE etc

Demonstrable skills in assisting with team building / teamwork.


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