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Senior Web Developer - Worthing

Schneider Electric

Worthing, United Kingdom

Company Profile
Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management. We hire individuals driven by a desire to impact the world. With a mission to make the most of our clients' energy, we can help solve the global energy dilemma by helping companies and individuals make more efficient use of the energy they already use. We are passionate about delivering real and innovative solutions in energy management and energy efficiency, making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global manufacturer of instrumentation, systems and services designed for the efficient operation of industrial processes. The company’s 50 year international reputation as a provider of innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of vertical markets is complemented by a range of engineering support services, designed to improve the performance and effectiveness of customers’ plant-wide assets.

Job Profile
At Eurotherm by Schneider Electric we create products and services for the regulated industrial market. We are using modern web technologies to push the boundaries of web applications within our market.

We are looking for a Senior Web Developer who will use their skills and experience to help our teams deliver high quality products which are built cleanly, well tested and performant. We require an individual who is comfortable working with AngularJS in the context of a Single-Page Application architecture making calls to RESTful web APIs.


A Senior Engineer is expected to:
Make recommendations regarding design of the software and formalises technical specifications.
Have extensive knowledge of specific areas of the product development or technology and actively assist other engineers in areas of expertise.
Have detailed knowledge of, and the ability to implement using complex techniques.
Be able to coach and assist other engineers in the use of complex techniques.
Provide input into architecture design and take responsibility and accountability for subsystem design.
Take responsibility for integration of the design across the subsystem(s).
Deliver clearly documented and accurate designs.
Challenge assumptions and strive to find own solutions in discussion with other engineers.
Identify opportunities in product development that will provide benefits to the customer.
Provide support to the validation phase of the development and the validation department.
Take responsibility for development tools and/or negotiations related to bought-in parts, products or tools which support product design and development.
Take responsibility for activities across departments.
Take part in activities that are necessary for the R&D department to develop. E.g. Represent the Company in the wider community.
Identify and suggest ways of improving the Company working practices and implement the changes.
Have knowledge of and be able to interpret compliance standards.
Perform research in areas defined by oneself or others.



Knowledge of ProtractorJS for end to end testing.
Proven web application development skills, using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Experience of developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with AngularJS.
Experience of developing against REST APIs.
Experience of TDD and unit testing frameworks.
Experience of working with an Agile development method, e.g. Scrum.
Strong C# development skills.
Document Database Experience (e.g. Elasticsearch).
Experience of developing with ASP.NET MVC.
Experience using code quality tools e.g. ESLint.
Experience with Continuous Integration systems such as Jenkins.
Knowledge of secure development practices, e.g. OWASP.


A degree in a relevant discipline would be an advantage but relevant experience would be considered as an alternative.

Schneider Electric offers you a competitive salary including a benefits package and the advantages of a professional environment that supports your development and recognizes your achievements.


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