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Associate Director - Cash Management, Global Transaction


London, United Kingdom

Job Description:


·GTBD is responsible for transaction banking business globally and Cash Management Products team is responsible for (1) CMS products development and roll out, (2) CMS products implementation to clients and (3) day to day support for CMS and related payments of clients.

·The person taking this role is expected to drive the above (1)(2) and (3) as a leading position in cooperation with team member and other relevant colleagues in accordance with team missions and goals with instruction and guidance given by team head.

·The role is also expected to participate in and contribute to the development of Mizuho’s transaction banking business in global from products planning and business development perspective.

Accountabilitiesand Responsibilities:

The job is expected
1) To contribute sustainable growth of entire Mizuho and its client based on Mizuho’s philosophy, and to contribute to achieve goals set to the department, the office and the team through the roles.
2) To initiate, coordinate, lead, manage and complete assigned project of products development and products implementation to client in cooperation with internal and external steaks holders as a leading position based on the instruction and support of the team head.
3) To provide dedicated high quality support for existing CMS clients on day to day transactions, inquiries and problems in timely manner in cooperation with sales, operation and IT team.
4) To contribute new products and business planning for further growth of Mizuho’s transaction banking business.
5) To contribute internal education and knowledge sharing
6) To report progress and consult issues to the head of team, office and department time to time.

Knowledge & Skills:
1) Knowledge of
- General transaction banking business model of international banks.
- Cash management products including payment, collection, pooling, liquidity management, trade finance and FX which international banks provide to corporate client. (at least payment and pooling)
- General international and major European domestic settlement/payment structure and protocols (SWIFT, SEPA etc)
- Basic of bank system and outline of system development process for products in general

2) Experience and skills of
- Products development and/or implementation in international banks.
- Leading (or taking major roll in) the project of CMS products (internet banking, pooling, treasury management solution, Host to Host, etc) development working with internal operation and IT section.
- Leading the project of implementation to client working with the client and other relevant stakes holders.

3) Computer literacy
4) Communication skills
5) Team working skills
6) Native level of English in speaking and writing
·Experience of project management of products development.
·Experience of products sales or general RM officer
·Knowledge of International taxation and currency regulations
·knowledge of system development
·Multilingual (European language or Japanese language)

Mizuho Bank provides financial and strategic solutions for the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of international clients, focusing its efforts on serving major corporations, financial institutions, individuals and public sector entities. A relationship management approach to serving clients enables Mizuho Bank, together with group companies including MizuhoTrust & banking and Mizuho Securities, to develop customised solutions in areas such as corporate, structured and project finance, transction banking and risk management.


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