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Systems Development Engineer – Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch


Dublin, Ireland


Come change the way the world sees the Cloud!

CloudWatch is the monitoring service that AWS customers use to gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health. A picture is worth a thousand words, so CloudWatch gives customers easy easy-to-use graphs to see how their systems are working. With its automatic alarms, CloudWatch helps customers keep their systems running 24x7.

The CloudWatch team is currently looking for a systems engineer with SYSTEM AVAILABILITY OBSESSION DISORDER. Is that you? How can you tell? You delight in operating some of the largest, distributed systems on the planet such as multi-terabyte storage farms and/or horizontally scaled request processing fleets. You detest outages and high latency like the plague, so it’s your life’s mission to find and eliminate root causes of problems. For you, automation is a way of life, not a nice-to-have, so you’ve acquired amazing scripting skills. You follow evolution of the industry to find useful tools that can enhance efficiency. You find data center build-outs, performance engineering, and other scaling activities to be almost as fun as Mardi Gras. Finally, you insist upon giving customers what they want: high quality, highly usable, always-on services.

In this position you’ll get to:
· Work with developers to design, build, and manage massively scaled monitoring services
· Automate all aspects of systems management
· Build monitoring systems in new data centers and regions, and add/manage capacity in existing regions as our usage grows
· Optimize the performance of our systems by analyzing and deploying new hardware configurations
· Track the health of our services, identify problems, drive to root cause, and fix
· Collaborate with some of the leading minds in distributed systems
· Tell your grandkids that you were you “helped create the Cloud all those years ago”


· Minimum of 3 years of scripting experience in a Linux environment (in Python, Ruby, Perl, bash, etc.)
· Minimum of 3 years building and running systems for Internet-facing services
· BS in computer science or other technical degree and/or related experience


· Development of systems management and administration automation in a high level scripting language (Python, Ruby, Perl) or Java
· Experience with Linux, network troubleshooting and administration
· Experience with systems management and monitoring software (home-grown or commercially available)
· Experience with performance testing and tuning
· Automation or monitoring framework experience, deployment or development.


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