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Research Associate Piezoelectric and Resonant Converters

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Summary: The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering invites applications for a Research Associate (Piezoelectric and Resonant Converters) to work on the EPSRC sponsored ‘FPeT: Framework for designing piezoelectric transformer power supplies’ research project. This £600k research project is a joint venture between the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the Department of Material Science and Engineering and will research and develop novel design frameworks for piezoelectric transformers and their resonant power supplies and produce a number of technology demonstrators. Piezoelectric transformers are highly complex components and so the design of a power supply requires expertise in materials science and power electronics. In this project two researchers will work in each department, working together to create a framework for designing the entire power supply system.

The main areas for research include: mathematical modelling and simulation of power supply circuits and piezoelectric transformers; development of controllers and control algorithms for output regulation; finite element analysis for electrical, mechanical and thermal operation of piezoelectric transformers; development of design frameworks and the construction and experimental validation of demonstrator power supply systems. The post holder will work closely with industrial and academic project partners and will produce high-impact research publications. The work programme explicitly includes an extended placement opportunity at a world-leading international university. Applicants should have a PhD in electronic or electrical engineering, or a related discipline. In addition, experience with the modelling, analysis and design of power electronics systems is essential.


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