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Postdoctoral Research Associate

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Summary: We are seeking an enthusiastic Postdoctoral Research Associate with a strong interest in oncolytic virotherapy to join Dr Munitta Muthana’s group ( in the Academic Unit of Inflammation and Tumour Targeting. This group is interested in improving the delivery of cancer-killing oncolytic viruses to primary and metastatic tumours using novel approaches including cell-based therapy and magnetic steering. We are based in the Department of Oncology and Metabolism and members of the Bateson Centre an internationally recognised Centre of excellence.

You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team based in Sheffield in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry and Physics. We will also work closely with the University of Southampton with a team of experienced mathematical modellers. Together we will develop designer oncolytic viruses coated with magnetic nanoparticles and model magnetic delivery of these in metastatic breast cancer. The work will heavily involve testing our designer viruses in preclinical mouse models of breast cancer. You would therefore benefit from in-vivo expertise with experience in post-mortem analysis of tissues and organs. You should have a PhD in a relevant field, proven record of scientific accomplishments, scientific ambition, the ability to work independently and tackle scientific problems and excellent organisational and communication skills. As the project involves the use of mouse models, ASPA modular 1-3 home office training and/or a home office license is essential (although outstanding candidates with other relevant skills will also be considered). Experience with cell culture, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence analysis and confocal imaging are essential for this post. Experience with oncolytic viruses, primary tissue culture, live imaging and MRI are desirable.


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