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Associate Director - SAD, Europe Treasury Department - ALM Banking Group


London, United Kingdom

Job Description:

Title: Associate Director - Senior Associate Director
Europe Treasury Department – Asset and Liability Management, Banking Group

Certified Staff (SMCR): Yes, Client-dealing

London Branch is the largest of Mizuho Bank's offices in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. As such, it co-ordinates activities and provides support to other offices in the region. It provides an extensive range of corporate lending and deposit-taking activities. Particular strengths include leveraged, structured, asset-based, trade and project finance.

These activities are supported and complemented by a sophisticated treasury operation, of which the Asset and Liability Management function is responsible for the management of interest rate and currency risk through hedging solutions and strategic planning, that is used to set priorities, focus resources and strengthen operations and adjust strategy to align with organization's direction and focus.

The ALM desk is additionally responsible for intra-day liquidity management, maintaining relationships with liquidity providers and consumers, diversifying funding sources, quality reporting, whilst working within the current regulatory landscape.

Mizuho Bank is with regards to Libor a Contributing Bank, which is defined as a bank carrying out the regulated activity of providing information in relation to a specified benchmark. Mizuho makes contributions in EURO, GBP and YEN and the responsibility of the formulation and delivery of that information is carried out by the ALM team, who work under very specific requirements as set out in the Financial Conduct Authority’s handbook.

Regulated Functions (LIBOR):
· Has responsibility to formulate and submit specific information, to the rate administrator in order for them to determine a specific benchmark.
· Has the responsibility to maintain data and reports relevant to the above process.
· To formulate the above mentioned information, strictly within the external code of conduct and internally within the Bank’s model and procedure, therefore ensuring the integrity of our submission.

· The primary responsibility of the role is to manage the Bank’s assets and liabilities, utilising products authorised by the Mizuho Group and external regulators, under the guidance of Senior Dealers and instruction of ETD management
· Working within the Bank’s ALM strategy, to seek opportunities to operate as cost effectively as possible, sharing this information with ETD management and Senior Dealers and therefore adding value to the day to day operational decisions.
· To maintain current relationships with our existing counterparts and also to diversify our funding sources through the engagement with potential new counterparts.
· To support Europe Division, our European branches and subsidiary network, by providing quotations and market information
· To operate within the Bank’s ALM strategy.
· To work within authorised risk limits and FCA/Banking regulation.
· To support the Group Head, Deputy Group Head and Senior Dealers in reviewing strategy, data and reports for ALM function.
· To support colleagues in the Security Investment team.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
· As directed by the Group Head and Deputy Group Head, carry out money market operations with authorised products within the specified limits for the Banking Group and carry desk top duties and processes.
· To demonstrate own opinion and analysis on the market movement and to actively contribute to the formation of the strategy of the desk.
· To seek to enhance the ALM function in all areas. This can include but not limited to, desktop processes, counterparty relationships, using Arbitrage opportunities to enhance the profit and loss or gathering market intelligence.
· Working within the team to manage the Bank’s day to day positions, squaring them in a timely manner within payment deadlines and restrictions.
· To support the business and asset and liability growth of other Mizuho officers, predominantly in the EMEA sector, through supporting the management and Senior Dealers in any business requirement and providing stable pricing and product support.
· Work with colleagues in the Europe Treasury Division and London Branch more widely, to promote the Bank and its business goals.
· To work at all times within Mizuho’s internal procedures and Banking/FCA regulation
· To provide stable and consistent information for the benchmark administrator, under the regulated function that is Libor.


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