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Snr Techl Off (Shelter/WASH)


Beirut, Lebanon

Procedures and Eligibility
Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.

Duties and Qualifications
Senior Technical Officer (Shelter / WASH)

Syrian refugees¿ response in Lebanon is now into its seventh year and it has reached an important junction towards sustainability and cost-efficiency, and hence it is imperative that it be aligned with changing needs and operational capacities, building on strengths of major actors and opportunities in the operation context of the country.

UNHCR response is managed at country-level by its office in Beirut and at field-level by its four field-based locations in Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Tyr and Bekaa by dedicated staff inclusive of coordination support.

In light of the magnitude and the specificity of the crisis, UNHCR had to separate its tasks between the coordination of the response all operational partner and the implementation of its own programmatic response. To facilitate this approach, the sector specialists have been divided between those in charge of the implementation reporting to the Assistant Representative (Programme) and those in charge of the coordination reporting to the Senior Inter-Agency Coordinator.

The Senior Technical Officer (Shelter/WASH) will be responsible of the overall management and implementation of the Shelter and WASH component of UNHCR programme and report directly to the Assistant Representative (Programme). The incumbent will have direct supervisory responsibility for a team of three to four staff (WASH and Shelter) and responsible for the overall supervision of the Shelter/WASH Unit. He/she will provide functional guidance in Shelter and WASH to the team in Beirut as well as to the Shelter and WASH teams in the field offices.

The Senior Technical Officer (Shelter/WASH) will work in close collaboration with the Shelter Coordinator and with the Programme Unit.


- UNHCR Shelter and WASH programmes are planned, implemented and monitored based on updated needs assessments, strategies and priorities in a coherent and effective way.
- UNHCR Shelter and WASH programmes are planned and implemented based on priorities, resource availability, technical soundness and in compliance with established policies, guidelines, procedures and standards.
- Multi-year UNHCR Strategy(ies) in WASH and Shelter developed/updated as necessary with a consistent implementation plan and monitoring over its progress.
- WASH and Shelter technical guidelines and tools are updated/developed as necessary and available to the field operations.
- Strong coordination, communication and support to the field operations is in place.
- Lessons learnt and good practises in WASH and Shelter of UNHCR programmes are documented and disseminated.
- Quality and evidence-based analysis of need of refugees in WASH and Shelter available to inform UNHCR's prioritisation and in advocacy in influencing programmes of other actors.
- Broad partnerships in WASH and Shelter are developed and maintained with key stakeholders in order to maximize the response to finding solutions of problems affecting the refugees and host communities.
- The fundraising actions are fully supported by information on needs and priorities for funding submissions, appeals and reports.
- The Shelter and WASH team is effectively managed.

- Ensure that UNHCR field operations are supported in carrying out Shelter and WASH needs assessments taking into account the current situation and projected population planning figures.
- Develop/update country level Shelter and WASH strategies which are framed by UNHCR¿s Global Strategy for Settlement and Shelter and in Public Health and take into consideration the local context, age and gender, culture, climate, environmental protection and the availability of local resources, including materials, capacities and existing infrastructure. Ensure that the country level strategies, implementation and monitoring is reflective of the specificities of each field location in the country.
- Provide clear guidance on standards for shelter and settlement, and for WASH including minimum emergency standards to meet basic and essential needs. Develop and update as necessary operational guidance notes in WASH and Shelter.
- Manage Shelter and WASH team in Beirut; establish/manage communication and coordination with the WASH and Shelter teams in all field locations. Provide required technical support to the field operations.
- Organise and provide trainings in techniques and practices leading to more durable solutions and drawing from local practices and materials and capacities of the displaced populations and host communities.


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