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Associate Reproductive Health Officer


Arua, Uganda

Procedures and Eligibility
This post is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of The Netherlands and is addressed exclusively to candidates bearing the Dutch nationality.

For criteria see the website of Nedworc Foundation: http://www.nedworcfoundation.nl

Please read the criteria and FAQ section carefully before considering applying.

The incumbent will be requested to take on the position by mid-December 2017 the latest.
Duties and Qualifications
Uganda is hosting over 1,200,000 refugees from different countries. Refugees from SSD continue to arrive at an average rate of 2,000-2,500 per day. Many refugees have spent long periods of time walking through the bush, often without access to food, water and other needs. UNHCR working with OPM and partners, has set up collection points to receive and provide basic services (WASH, health, food) to the arriving population and to facilitate their relocation to Bidibidi Settlement. Activities aim to include local villagers who generously host and support refugees.
A number of refugees arrive from areas as far as Malakal close to the Sudan border. This group reported fighting, hunger and previous negative experiences in Sudan as the cause for their flight to Uganda. Many of these refugees entered Uganda through various border entry points some ungazetted.
Based on interviews with refugees, reasons for flight are: 1) indiscriminate killing of civilians often based on ethnic origin, arbitrary arrest; 2) targeted killings; 3) forced recruitment of boys and men; 4) burning of villages, property and killing of livestock, 5) looting and abduction 6) hunger and lack of adequate food, medication and basic services, 7) inflation and the soaring cost of living.

Under the supervision the Head of Sub-Office Arua, and working closely with the Public Health Officer, the Reproductive Health and HIV Officer will be responsible of all coordination, policy development, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy for the Reproductive Health (RH) programmes in the Northern of Uganda Operation.

Accountability (key results that will be achieved)

- Prevention of maternal and new born morbidity and mortality.
- The provision of reproductive health and HIV services for refugee population and surrounding host community is ensured.
The operation planning, programming, monitoring, evaluation and reporting is supported and strengthened.

Responsibility (process and functions undertaken to achieve results)
- Act as focal point for RH services and provide technical advice and assistance on reproductive health to refugees and other persons of concern and all organisations working in health and other sectors as needed.
- Liaise with national and regional authorities of the host country when planning and implementing RH activities in refugee camps and among the surrounding population, where appropriate.
- Liaise with other sectors (protection, community services, camp management, education, etc.) to ensure a multisectoral approach to reproductive health.
- Create/adapt and introduce standardised strategies for reproductive health which are fully integrated within PHC.
- Initiate and co-ordinate various audience-specific training sessions on reproductive health (for audiences such as health workers, community services officers, the refugee population, security personnel, etc.).
- Introduce/enforce standardised protocols for selected areas (such as syndromic case management of STIs, referral of obstetric emergencies, medical response to survivors of sexual violence, counselling and family planning services. etc.).
- Discuss and finalise reproductive health and HIV objectives and priority activities in accordance with UNHCR standards and global guidance.
- Undertake needs and resources assessments and redress as appropriate all issues related to programme planning, monitoring and evaluation with regards to human, material and financial resources.
- Analyse and comment on all project proposals and budgets presented by UNHCR implementing partners and prepare all reproductive health related implementing instruments.
- Ensure that the provisions contained in the various Memoranda of Understanding between UNHCR and other organisations are applied as appropriate.
- Advise the UNHCR office regarding all reproductive health issues related to the installation of refugees in existing sites and about measures to be taken relating to possible repatriation movements. Also prepare/update contingency plans as appropriate for a possible influx of refugees from neighbouring countries.
- Ensure that particular attention is given to the support of local reproductive health activities in order to appropriately compensate for the added burden of services to refugees.
- Undertake regular missions to refugee sites in order to analyse, monitor, evaluate and supervise the implementation of reproductive health services delivery.


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