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Senior Learning Solutions Officer (Technology)


Budapest, Hungary

Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.

Duties and Qualifications
Senior Learning Solutions Officer (Technology)


In an effort to professionalize the UNHCR Staff Development function, the role of the post is to co-lead the shaping and the promotion of a performance and learning culture in UNHCR by developing learning strategies, providing strategic guidance to staff of UNHCR, as well as developing, delivering and/or effectively incorporating innovative technologies into learning activities of the Global Learning Centre (GLC), especially in the context of advising on and determining business cases, requirements and learning approaches for customized learning solutions.

Learners in UNHCR are located in over 300 offices around the world. Given the emphasis on skilled generalists, UNHCR staff members are expected to be flexible and assume responsibilities in a range of different skill areas, which demands even greater access to training and learning than usual. This generates a demand for a sophisticated and efficient approach to developing, storing, sharing, registering and administering learning throughout the organization. UNHCR has embraced new learning technology by adopting and expanding a computerized learning management platform and promoting effective distance learning as one of the principal means of learning delivery. The incumbent of this post manages UNHCR learning infrastructure ensuring that systems support and empower the organization¿s learning strategy, deliver formal and informal learning solutions, and maintain official training records of personnel as part of UNHCR/DHRM information systems.

The incumbent ensures that UNHCR maintains itself abreast of developments in the field of instructional technology, evaluating their benefits and adopting them as necessary.

The incumbent represents the GLC in meetings within other divisions and others and build contacts with external partners and key stakeholders such as other UN agencies, the UN Staff College, in the establishment of UN-wide policy and procedures for the creation, storage and sharing of learning objects and materials. Other contacts include NGO¿s, donors, academic institutions, etc. The incumbent also works with external service providers particularly technology and eLearning vendors on an ongoing basis.

The incumbent has contacts with Chief of Section/Units and Field Representatives, regular contacts with functional teams and groups in UNHCR in order to discuss performance management issues and design learning strategies. The incumbent seeks support and approval for various initiatives, especially in the context of advising on and determining business cases, requirements and learning approach; and when customized, technology-supported learning solutions are needed and with a view to operational and management needs of the Organization.

The incumbent acts as GLC divisional focal point supporting the relevant functional Division (DIST) in analysing and addressing learning needs for its personnel and for all UNHCR computer users.

The incumbent is supervised by the P-5 level Chief Learning Officer (10014430) who will provide overall direction and guidance in connection with the work of the GLC.

The incumbent manages the Learning Solutions Unit (LSU)/Tech unit and directly supervises some of these staff as well as consultants and external providers. In doing so s/he monitors performance and provides guidance and support in their day-to-day functions.


- UNHCR-related learning activities and computerized learning management system meet operational needs and career goals.
- Quality and cost effective e-learning is developed in collaboration with external vendors.
- Resolution to learning platform incidents and problems within service levels is provided.
- UNHCR¿s learning platform, Learn & Connect, exchanges information with relevant HR information systems.
- In collaboration with DIST, learning and certification needs in information technology are assessed and addressed in line with UNHCR priorities.

- Act as an internal consultant to other training providers on a need basis. Provide support and guidance on needs assessment, analysis, learning methodologies and approaches, development and delivery and evaluation of learning activities. Advise GLC clients on the use of technology for driving effective learning solutions.
- Analyse learning needs of selected clients based on an understanding and anticipation of present and future client needs, challenges, trends and strategies and subsequent development of appropriate learning responses.


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