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Senior Global Digital Editor/Writer


New York, United States of America

Procedures and Eligibility
Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.

Duties and Qualifications
Senior Global Digital Editor/Writer (NY)


The Senior Global Digital Editor/Writer in New York reports to the Chief of Content Production in Geneva, providing world-class writing and editing capacity, as well as expertise in packaging and promoting multimedia content, in order to strengthen the organization¿s global communications work. She/he will work closely with the Head of the Global Desk (New York) and other DER colleagues in New York as well as with the Content Production Section in Geneva and elsewhere. As part of an "integrated" communications desk, she/he is also expected to support and collaborate closely with experts in digital engagement, goodwill ambassador programmes, social media and media relations. The Senior Global Digital Editor/Writer is expected to maintain strong working and coordination links with country and regional offices throughout the Americas, including the Regional Office Washington, the Canada Office, and UNHCR's communications entities in Latin America.


- The Global Desk (New York) commissions, edits and publishes timely, accurate and compelling multimedia stories that amplify key messages and reach priority audiences.
- The Global Desk (New York) collaborates effectively with key offices in Geneva, Washington, Ottawa, and Latin America, providing up-to-date tracking of all stories in production harmonizing plans for distribution with the global editorial calendar.
- UNHCR builds effective content partnerships with digital and media organizations, through distribution of UNHCR content, co-production of content or other means.

- Collaborate with writers, public information officers, regional editors, website editors, photo and video editors, social media editors, designers and developers to plan and produce compelling stories and multimedia packages for UNHCR¿s global English-language web and social media platforms and for distribution to news organizations.
- Ensure that written content published to UNHCR¿s global English platforms and released for external distribution meets high editorial standards, paying attention to accuracy, credibility, timeliness and readability.
- Ensure that all web stories published are optimized for search.
- Ensure that all web stories published are optimized for social sharing, with suitable headlines and images;
- Ensure that all web stories are ¿of the web¿ ¿ and link to other relevant pieces of content.
- Coordinate content workflows for timely and optimal distribution of content, liaising with the Senior Global Website Editor (English) and the Photo, Video and Social Media units.
- Commission, write, re-write, and edit articles.
- Write op-eds as required.
- Undertake reporting and interviewing assignments as required.
- Work with Social Media Unit to repurpose and share content as effectively as possible.
- Play an active role in ongoing development and updates of the website, paying attention to user experience, user journeys, and share ability.
- Liaise with other units of UNHCR on content issues.
- Liaise closely with the editors of UNHCR¿s global Spanish-language website, and oversee translation and placement of articles that first appear on the Spanish website.
- Work with PI Officers to produce regular updates, information bulletins, and other spot news.
- Assist with other editing and writing assignments as requested.

- Decide whether or not to publish content to unhcr.org and other UNHCR global English websites ¿ according to news judgment, audience interests and needs, and political sensitivities.
- Commission articles from staff and consultants.

- Graduate degree (equivalent of a Master's) in Journalism, Communications, International Relations or related field.
- Minimum 8 years of progressively responsible experience, of which 4 years should be at the international level, in journalism and/or communications, including reporting, editing (commissioning and line editing), and publishing digital content..
- Proven editorial judgement and strong management skills, including experience commissioning stories and working with stringers and reporters in remote locations.
- Sophisticated understanding of how news organizations are using web and social media technologies to maximize the reach of content they publish and to deepen engagement with readers/viewers.
- Established relationships with editors at leading news and media organizations.
- Experience publishing content through a content management system.


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