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Snr Field Safety Adv (Roving)


Geneva, Switzerland

Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.

Duties and Qualifications
Senior Field Safety Adviser (Roving)

The primary role of the Senior Field Safety Adviser (Roving) is to work with Bureaus, Emergency Services, and support the Head of UNHCR Offices / Senior UNHCR Managers who are based outside the duty station. He/She will advise Headquarters and keep them informed of appropriate safety planning for UNHCR staff and refugee operation.

The Senior Field Safety Advisor (Roving) is required to undertake extensive missions to various UNHCR operations in order to assess, evaluate, and monitor the established security measures for the UNHCR staff and the persons of concerns to UNHCR. The incumbent takes on the role of leading, coordinating and advising managers the UNHCR offices to develop and maintain security procedures up to date and functional at all time in line with UN/UNHCR security standards.
The position is required to remain in contact with relevant security related staff at the UNHCR Field / Sub Offices. Similarly s/he requires remaining current with all the UNHCR Implementing partners and relevant national/ local security organs.

Subject to the developments in the local security scenarios and the continuous monitoring of the events, he/she is required to make recommendation to the Senior Field safety Adviser and the concerned UNHCR Representative.
The incumbent will be working in very volatile security situations and demanding circumstances that require constant vigilance and preparedness at all the time to respond to any life threatening situation.
The incumbent maintains effective relations with UNDSS, inter-agency actors and reports to the Chief of Operations, FSS.

- Country operations receive practical and well-reasoned security advice, guidance and support toward helping ensure an appropriate level of safety for UNHCR¿s staff and operations and compliance with security guidelines and procedures.
- UNHCR management of security is efficient, well-coordinated and consistent with policies and procedures of the UNSMS and UNHCR¿s global strategic objectives on security.
- Staff are aware of threats/risks and how to respond to them, understand and comply with guidelines and procedures.
- Security management is efficient, well-coordinated and consistent with policies and procedures.

- Advise and support the Representative and/or Head of Offices in managing staff safety and security of UNHCR staff, partners, operations, premises and refugees or persons of concern.
- Monitor security-related events and trends to identify warnings and indicators of possible issues of concern to UNHCR
- Evaluate existing security measures to determine their appropriateness and identify areas needing improvement. Follow up with actions to oversee or implement those improvements.
- Support senior management in ensuring appropriate security in the field by advising on and assisting with, inter alia, Security Risk Assessments, assessment of Minimum Operational Safety Standards, evacuation and contingency planning, and security budgeting and programme criticality determinations.
- Assist in the development of plans for evacuation, medical evacuation and other contingencies.
- In cooperation with UNHCR senior staff members, ensure that security measures are fully integrated into operational planning, including budgetary provisions, at the earliest stages of development.
- Participate and support in activities to advise on programme criticality assessment process
- As a member of a multi-functional team, contribute to efforts to ensure the physical protection and security of refugees and other persons of concern by providing security assessments, analysis and advice in developing and implementing effective strategies which underpin the responsibilities of the host state.
- Provide technical advice and support to field safety staff, contributing to their effective accomplishment of objectives. As appropriate and needed, provide mentoring and coaching
- Develop and maintain relationships with security-related actors, including host government law enforcement authorities and other stakeholders to ensure effective information sharing; provide regular feedback and analysis to country managers.
- Develop and maintain effective relations with inter-agency security actors, including the UN Department of Safety and Security.
- Maintain linkages with other sections within UNHCR, including the Staff Welfare Section, DHRM, and the Medical Service, to ensure proper integration and coordination of issues of joint concern


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